Kerry Katona Wedding

The Kerry Katona Wedding

In the midst of a hectic summer The Wilde Bunch were so excited to be invited to design the flowers for the wedding of Kerry Katona and George Kay. With a celebrity guest list including Katie Price, Atomic Kitten and members of Boyband’s Blue and 5IVE the pressure was on to come up with something special back at The Wilde Bunch HQ

This blog charts the creation of Kerry Katona’s  wedding flowers from designs at the Barn to the final installations. Apologies for the low quality phone and i-pad photos taken during the preparation stages, alongside a few sneaky shots of our work on site before the guests arrived.

With security top of the agenda and media speculation rife even we didn’t know the identity of the bride until the eve of the wedding day.

Step to the fore the splendid Natalie Still and Sophie of London / Brighton based event team, The Fabulous Collective . With Natalie acting as go-between to Kerry Katona a design was hatched.

Working on the Kerry Katona wedding
Night time in the Barn

Once again we were all prepared for a series of late nights at the Barn. It seems to be the theme of this summer.  Boots made himself comfy on the sofa, in his ‘Kerry Katona wedding security’ guise…and promptly nodded off!!

Usually we meet with the bride and get to know their ‘wishes & desires’ for their big day. This, along with an insight into their personality, is the basis of any Wilde Bunch wedding design.

Here we were with no name, a theme, and a loose set of ideas and the instructions to ‘Just create in The Wilde Bunch style…It’s why you were chosen’.

Oh Yes…’Expect the Unexpected’…..

Kerry Katona Stone Urn
Cascading Stone Urn design

The room for the ceremony was adorned in classic Wilde Bunch designs with our hallmark urns either side of the registrars table. Kerry had requested a ‘Pearl’ theme and the cascading ‘spider-webs’ of pearls bought the designs to life as they shimmered in the afternoon sun.

The registrars table was kept simple and elegant with individual pastel flower heads scattered with loose pearls

Kerry Katona wedding registrarstable
The registrars table

Kerry Katona looked stunning and alongside George they were the perfect ‘Happy Couple’.

kerry katona wedding bouquet
Picture courtesy of OK magazine

Ceremony completed….next stop…

Rock The Casbah

The Moroccan themed marquee, designed by the outstanding Crescent Moon , demanded bold, deep hues to showcase the reds and golds of the surrounding drapes and soft furnishings. Below are the top table flowers, laid out on crates at the barn in the design stage. On the right a rushed shot on site.

top table Kerry Katona Wedding
The top table design

The table centrepieces were deconstructed candelabra’s adorned with deep opulent colours to capture the Moroccan theme. It was incredible how they came to life when moved from the barn setting to the venue.

candelabras Kerry Katona Wedding
Table centrepieces from the barn to the marquee

Well, what more to say, the Kerry Katona wedding was a really great day in The Wilde Bunch wedding calendar this year. A great big ‘Thank You’ to Natalie and The Fabulous Collective for entrusting us with the designs for one of the celeb weddings of the year.

The Wilde Bunch send our best wishes to Kerry Katona &  George Kay and may they be happy for forever and a day.

Claire XX