Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

For us, simple wedding flower ideas start with basic designs in jars, bottles and vases.  These designs are timeless, always en-vogue and very affordable. They can be ‘mixed and matched’ with all wedding flower themes and scaled to suit any budget.

Simple wedding flower ideas using bottles and jars
Simple wedding flower ideas using bottles and jars

Nothing could be more straightforward for wedding table centres than a couple of bottles or jars containing flowers. From this basic design you can add more bottles, stoneware or jars to form a grouping. These are still ‘simple wedding flower ideas’ but in a scaled up version.

simple wedding flower ideas
Simple yet elegant use of bottles & Wilde Bunch props

By adding different props you can change the theme. So, by including a few log slices and maybe a natural hessian ‘runner’ you have the basis of a Rustic Theme. This can be further enhanced by giving the jars & bottles a hessian wrap. Or you could add the odd hessian wrapped, potted succulent  or pebbles and moss to the design to emphasise the Rustic feel.. The basis of the design is still the jars & bottles that form the root of all the simple wedding flower ideas.

simple wedding table centrepieces
Grouping simple bottles and jars and adding Wilde Bunch props for a Rustic theme

Taking simple wedding flower ideas like the clean, non-fussy design below you can add matching statement pieces like the freestanding trees to add extra floral drama to the Breakfast setting.

Clean & simple designs at Aldwick Farm Vineyard
Clean & simple designs at Aldwick Farm Vineyard

Away from the table centres you can create focal points for table plans or card & gift tables  using nothing more than simple flower designs, a pile of props and lashings of creative imagination. The rustic French design pictured below looked stunning and the only floral ingredients were bunches of Gypsophila from the Church Pew ends popped in jars. So simple, so French…So Wilde Bunch!!

simple rustic flower ideas
French Rustic designs using ‘Pew End’ flowers and props

Bunches of Gypsophila also make the simplest of all Church Wedding Flowers. One on the end of each pew along the aisle and you have the basis of the Church floral decoration. Then as above, with a little thought and planning they are ‘back in action’ impressing guests in other designs later in the day.

Done well simple wedding flower ideas can still have all the elegance of the grander designs in a scaled down version.

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Wedding Props

Introducing The Wilde Bunch Wedding Props

Here’s a sneaky glimpse at some of the wedding props available to Wilde Bunch brides. Lovingly gathered over 25 years, brides step back in amazement when they come face to face with the variety and quantity of wedding props on display. They fill one side of our huge barn.

The props for marquee wedding flowers
Big props and lots of them to fill a huge marquee wedding

The purpose of this page is to ‘open’ the barn doors prior to a meeting and let you see the main wedding props. Hopefully this will inspire you with new ideas. Any brides who come to the barn can rummage through the hundreds of smaller props and incorporate them into their chosen theme.

At this point can we make it clear: ‘We do NOT hire out any wedding props to brides not using The Wilde Bunch for their wedding flowers’. They are solely for the use of our lovely brides.

So, let’s have a look at some of our main wedding props and split them into themes. Where possible we will show them ‘with’ and ‘without’ floral decorations.

Natural wood : wedding props for Rustic themes

Very much en-vogue in the last year. The Wilde Bunch ‘Natural’ wedding props start with simple log slices (pictured below). Moving on we have ‘reclaimed wood’, low table centre boxes and the ‘Natural props’ culminate in our unique pieces of gnarled root ‘planted’ with your choice of flowers for the ultimate ‘Rustic Chic’ designs.

The Wilde Bunch barn is packed with log slices from 6 inch Beech thins to large oak slices. The perfect wedding props for wedding tablecentres
The Wilde Bunch barn is packed with log slices from 6 inch Beech thins to large oak slices

The table centre designs incorporating ‘wood’ are covered in detail in a separate article ‘Rustic wedding themes’ showing each of the props, so take a look if you’re planning a natural themed wedding.

The perfect accessories to go with these natural wood table centres include hessian wrapped bottles and jars and long Hessian table runners. Then choose from the hundreds of additional props… from pebbles to stoneware, to old battered pewter, copper lanterns and tea light holders…. the list goes on and on…

For accompanying rustic statement pieces have a look at our crate stack designs and milk churns, and if you want ‘Trees’ we have a host of our very own bases to make them to your own specifications. They cover both table centres and larger ‘freestanding’ designs.

Candelabra : Wedding props for traditional themes

For the classic stately home theme, the silver candelabra still takes some beating and we’ve got a barn full. They are ‘statement’ pieces in their own right and with a few ‘antique’  tea light holders to accompany them, they create the perfect, romantic candle-lit setting.

Silver wedding candelabra dressed with wedding flowers. The Wilde Bunch Barn is literally heaving with silver candelabra in various sizes
The Wilde Bunch Barn is literally heaving with silver candelabra in various sizes

Our ‘Wilde Bunch’ designed, black iron candelabra (below) cross the style boundaries between stately home settings and old farm buildings. We designed them so the spacing of the feet offers the opportunity for additional floral designs. For example, incorporating antique bottles and jars around the base, give these table centre-pieces a real wow’.

Wedding props, Black iron candelabra
Black Iron Candelabra designed by The Wilde Bunch. Working well in ‘traditional’ and ‘rustic’ themes

If you are looking at Rustic themes the iron candelabra work well with all the ‘rustic’ accessories listed above  in the ‘Natural Wood’ section.

Glass Jars, Bottles,  Vases, Stoneware, Pewter and Silverware : The classic wedding props

A few jars and bottles with flowers are the entry point for simple wedding table designs and the most versatile and timeless of all wedding props. You can go as elaborate as you choose. The example below shows what a difference a bit of hessian, a log slice and a few well placed pebbles and shells can make. They work with every wedding theme so ‘mix and match’ to your hearts content.

Wedding flower props, glassware. Bottles, Jars and vases
Glassware is always en-vogue and at the barn we have boxes piled up with jars, antique bottles and vases

In consequence the barn is stacked with crates containing every imaginable bottle, from cloudy antique, ‘brand embossed’ glass to blue glass, green glass and clear glass. We’ve got old stoneware bottles, antique Kilner Jars, battered pewter tankards and a whole range of antique pewter and silver tea-pots and containers.

Basically…if you can stick flowers in it, we probably have at some point in the last 25 years. Older wedding props will be tucked in a crate in some dark recess of the Barn ready for dusting down (cue the list of oldies awaiting their return to favour)…Tall lily vases, goldfish bowls, bird cages, vintage china etc etc…but trends have a habit of returning at some point…so all lovingly stashed away awaiting their big day once more.

Statement Pieces : Crates, Milk Churns, Plinths and Urns

The big ‘wow’ designs that fill any size space and ‘turn the heads’ of your guests. The crates in our stacks are genuine originals from by-gone days. We don’t use ‘Rustic Chic’ modern garden centre replicas as they are far too obviously fake and would ruin the whole authenticity of the designs.

The Wilde Bunch's most popular wedding props. The classic statement piece for 'Rustic' weddings
The Wilde Bunch’s most popular wedding props. The classic statement piece for ‘Rustic’ weddings

As we are located on a dairy farm in woods just outside of Bristol it goes without saying all our milk churns are authentic too.

The Wilde Bunch plinths and urns are classic wedding props for entrances and ceremonies

The ‘stone’ plinths are the exception to the rule and are made from wood by ourselves. They are hand painted in three different colours to replicate dark stone, light stone and sandstone. Much as we’d love them to be real we couldn’t physically lift the genuine article, so in this instance it’s a case of ‘needs must’!! They do look very realistic though, as the picture above shows.

Accessories : Lanterns, Tea lights & holders, led lights & Candles

The barn is packed with a multitude of additional wedding props. The most popular and most used are our range of copper lanterns which can be incorporated into most themes. Tea lights are a staple prop at many weddings and we have boxes containing all manner of holders to match any theme. The list of these ‘extra’ wedding props is endless and many are ‘one off’ finds, so let’s keep some back as a surprise for when you visit the barn,

Wedding props, lanterns, candles, pewter pots and bottles
The Wilde Bunch Barn is packed to the rafters with hundreds of wedding props

Happy planning and we hope we’ve given you a little insight into our ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of wedding props and some ideas to incorporate into your own wedding themes.

If you’re getting married in our part of the world then join the happy crowd of Lord’s & Ladies, Celebrities and good old Mr & Mrs’ we’ve designed for over the years.  Give us a call and if we’re free on your Big Day we’ll happily discuss a design that’s unique to you. And… if you’ve already gathered some wedding props of your own, we’ll work with you to incorporate them into final designs alongside any of ours you may wish to use.


Marquee Wedding Flowers

Hopefully this article will prove informative on two levels. First, and most importantly, to show off some ‘Wilde Bunch’ ideas for Marquee wedding flowers, and second, to show  how detailed planning can help you get the most from your wedding flower budget.

So, for this example let’s look at a wedding we did in the summer of 2015 in Clovelly, North Devon. The flower costing came in above average at £2,500 to £3,000 but without careful planning could have spiraled towards £4,000. So let’s look at how we maximised the couples budget on their church and marquee wedding flowers.

The bride and groom were flying in from Qatar with 130 guests from all over Europe. All planning was done via ‘Pinterest’ boards and email and the bride proved a dream to work with. Over the year she sent us 150+ ‘Pinterest’ images showing ideas with a clear theme …Perfect!! Our job was to bring this together into a final design and give the couple everything they wanted at the church, the marquee and the surrounding terrace.

Creating a theme for the Wedding

To make an impact in a Marquee requires some large scale props and floral designs. The theme had a definite rustic feel but with influences from across Europe. The picture below shows some of the props we provided (15 crates, milk churns, tree bases, 20 lanterns, 40+ log slices, 7 vintage suitcases and 150+ bottles & Jars for starters!!)

The props for marquee wedding flowers
Big props and lots of them to fill a huge marquee wedding

Between the Bride and ourselves we themed individual areas of the marquee with prop heavy designs. This is a really good idea for any marquee…choose a few big designs rather than piecemeal bits and bobs scattered around the place that risk going unnoticed. The bride also enlisted the services of two of the areas best Prop Hire companies, The Prop Factory and Virginia’s Vintage Hire. They supplied distressed shuttered window frames, old decorators ladders, wooden benches, distressed vintage tables…the list goes on. Our job was to bring these areas together under one floral theme. We’ll show you how we did it later, based around the pew ends from the church.  A great way to re-use the least expensive flowers on the day.

The two ‘on-site’ bars were provided by the wonderful Shack Revolution and their wood ‘shack’ bars merged perfectly into the overall theme.

The Church Flowers

Although this article is focusing on the Marquee Wedding Flowers we’ll cover the church flowers as every design was re-used to great effect back in the marquee. This is what careful planning is all about. Without it the costs would have been considerably more with the number of large designs required.

At the entrance to the church the guests first introduction to the floral theme were two trade mark Wilde Bunch rustic milk churns. Completely be-fitting a rural church in deepest Devon.

Church wedding flowers
Two milk churns for the Church porch and a garland for the arch

The entrance arch was decorated with a garland providing an ideal photo backdrop. Within the church the pew ends were each decorated with a large sprig of gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves.

Church wedding flower ideas
Simple pew ends leading to three statement pedestal arrangements toward the alter

The statement pieces up front, by the ceremony, were three large pedestal designs, overflowing with the main flowers from the theme (pic below). Two either side of the ceremony and one by the alter.

Church flowers
A stunning front of church statement design

The Terrace Flower Designs

So, let’s see how everything from the church became part of the marquee wedding flowers. At the entrance to the terrace we created a floral arch for the guests to walk through.

Wedding floral arch
Detail shot of the floral arch back at the marquee

The bride wanted to be escorted to the marquee by a pair of the famous Clovelly donkeys and these needed a few last minute floral adjustments…It’s all in a day’s wedding work!!

Floral arch for a wedding
Floral arch for the bride and floral adjustments for the Donkey…All in a days work for Claire

Out on the terrace we decorated the cocktail bar area with a crate stack and transformed one of the church pedestals into a new design on hay bales.

Wedding flowers
Outside Crate stack (left) and Wilde Bunch ‘Tree’ and milk churn entrance design (right)

The main entrance to the marquee had a Wilde Bunch ‘Tree’ either side accompanied by the two milk churns that had formerly decorated the entrance to the church (above)

The Marquee Wedding Flowers

And now to the main designs making up the internal Marquee wedding flowers. The French themed area (below left) was one of our favorite designs. Made up entirely of the pew end flowers in jars and props…So simple…So Rustic…So  French. And what a bonus use of the least expensive floral ingredient on the day!!

Marquee wedding flowers
French themed rustic area with shuttered mirror (left) and Rustic wedding ‘pressie’ table (right)

And guess what…Here’s some more pew ends making a statement in the drinks reception area  on our white ladders…Double bonus!!

marquee wedding flower ideas
Wilde Bunch white ladders become statement pieces with a few pew ends in bottles

Below (left) is this years ‘Pinterest’ favourite, a floral curtain ‘Wilde Bunch’ style. They really work against the white canvas of a marquee and brighten up an otherwise plain wall.

And, on the right (below) an eye catching statement piece. The alternative crate stack. A crate topped with an antique leather suitcase and placed in it, one of the pedestal arrangements from the front of the church.

floral curtain for wedding flower design
A floral curtain behind the top table and a large statement piece in an antique suitcase & crate

Below left is the wedding cake set against the floral curtain and on the (right) the main crate stack design.

Wedding flowers
The cake, the floral curtain and the crate stack

This featured a trailing garland, from the flowers in the stack to the floor. This was the garland previously adorning the church entrance. Again, nothing goes to waste in a ‘Wilde Bunch’ design.

The table centre designs followed the theme of the day. Simple ‘wilde’ flower designs in jars and bottles utilising log slices and natural wood as base props.

marquee wedding flowers, table centres
Simple jars & bottles with loads of ‘Wilde Bunch’ props

We kept the table settings simple using a sprig of Rosemary for a clean, crisp natural look (below) Then, with a large space to fill it made sense to make a feature of the bouquets. By placing them on antique trunks with log slices and a piece of lace they matched the theme and became a feature ‘area’ in their own right.

Bridesmaids posies for a wedding
The Bridesmaid’s Posies and on the right the table settings

The Bridal Flowers

Finally no wedding would be complete without a beautiful  bouquet for our bride. Here’s the bouquet with two of the bridesmaid’s posies.

Wedding bouquet and bridesmaid posies
Summer Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaid’s Posies
bridal flowers
The full display of Bridal Flowers

And here is Claire holding the bride’s bouquet to show the flower detail below, prior to placing it as the centrepiece of the bouquet arrangement.

Brides wedding bouquet
The Brides Bouquet with fine trails

And finally, even though this article is focused on Marquee wedding flowers we had to find an excuse to include this picture of the adorable flower girl with her Wilde Bunch floral crown.

wedding floral crown
Flower girl with floral crown

Well that brings our look at Marquee wedding flowers to an end. Remember to plan well and think of designs that can be used again throughout  the day. This will help keep the cost of your wedding flowers under control, whatever the budget.

One of our favorite weddings of 2015 and a really lovely couple. The bride was a catalyst of ideas and inspiration…and while the rain poured down from Bristol to Exmoor ; the sun shone all day in Clovelly…You deserved that after all your meticulous planning!!  XX

In a lovely final gesture as the couple and their guests were flying back to destinations around the world, all the flowers from the day were donated to the villagers of Clovelly as a ‘Thank-You’ for their hospitality over the week-end.

Marquee wedding flowers
Finally a shot across the main marquee. Another completed ‘Wilde Bunch’ wedding

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Wedding Candelabra

 Wedding Candelabra Ideas

‘Traditional’ and ‘formal’ are words that spring to mind when  candelabra  are mentioned as centrepieces. They conjure up images  of stately homes with grand dining halls and perfectly laid ’rounds’ with the finest silverware on show.

But the soft flickering light of candles creates an incredibly romantic setting for the wedding breakfast so we looked at ways to take wedding candelabra beyond these ‘traditional’ settings.

A moments inspiration…a hefty hole in the bank account and a trip to a Dorset blacksmith later, and we were the proud owners of twenty unique, ‘Wilde Bunch’ designed, black iron candelabra. They bring the elegance of candle lit dining to rustic settings and blend into the surroundings perfectly. With the increasing popularity of rustic wedding themes, what seemed like an extravagant investment fifteen years ago has helped the ‘Wilde Bunch’ lead the way in ‘Rustic Chic’ wedding design.

Stunning Electric Blue designs on Black Iron Wedding Candelabra
Stunning Electric Blue designs on Black Iron Wedding Candelabra

The Wilde Bunch barn is packed to the rafters with props and we are able to offer a variety of wedding candelabra options. Classic silver in two sizes and the black iron candelabra in two slightly differing heights. The silver candelabra also offer the option of ‘deconstruction’ (an industry term for taking the arms off and only using the central column)

Silver wedding candelabra ready for wedding flower designs
The Wilde Bunch Barn is packed to the rafters with silver candelabra

Before you set your heart on a candle lit wedding breakfast check that ‘real’ candles are allowed at your chosen venue.  ‘Health & Safety’ restrictions have forced some venues to say ‘No’ to naked flames. So check first.

Traditional Silver Wedding Candelabra

The timeless classic of wedding table centrepieces, dating back to the early 1900’s. It has to be said they tick a lot of boxes…stylish, elegant, romantic and they comply with the ‘golden rule’, to see the guest sat opposite both ‘under’ or ‘over’ the design.

Silver Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces
Wilde Bunch Silver Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces

They can be placed on a table ‘naked’ with no flowers. We don’t hire our wedding candelabra without flowers, unless we are supplying all the other bridal and venue flowers.

They are constructed to take florist foam on the central column between the arms. This slightly restricts the width of designs as it’s always wise to keep the flowers within the line of the candles and away from the flames. Floral ingredients are flammable and you wouldn’t want your celebrations to literally ‘bring the roof down’!!

‘Deconstructed’ Silver Wedding Candelabra

If a venue has banned ‘naked flames’ these offer the candelabra designs without the candle holders. They allow as slightly ‘wilder’ positioning of flowers as there no flames to work around. In the last few years they have become a design in their own right and just referred to as ‘deconstructed candelabra’.

Deconstructed Silver Wedding Candelabra from Kerry Katona's Wedding Flowers
Deconstructed Silver Candelabra from Kerry Katona’s Wedding Flowers

The Wilde Bunch Black Iron Candelabra

These are the ideal crossover to take the candelabra into rustic settings and ‘boy’ do they look good!! To our surprise, they also work really well in stately home settings. We never envisaged that when we had them made.

Black Iron Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces
Wilde Bunch Black Iron Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces

When we commissioned these a lot of thought went into the design. The bases aren’t round like their silver cousins. The four thin legs mean other floral designs like bottles, stoneware, jars etc can be placed tight to the central column (important with the restricted space on wedding rounds)

These iron candelabra have a tendency to discolour quite quickly and we used to moan like mad about having to re-spray them for every job. Now we get as many couples wanting them  ‘as they come’ for rustic wedding themes in barns and farm buildings.

Black Iron wedding candelabra
Wilde Bunch, Black Iron wedding candelabra in detail

Offering all that’s elegant about candelabra with the ability to look perfect in a stone farm building these are the ultimate  ‘Rustic Chic’ wedding accessory.

And ‘Yes’ we do love them because no-one else has any the same….They’re unique to The Wilde Bunch and all ours!!

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Crate Stacks, Milk churns, Plinths and Garlands

When to Use Crate Stacks, Milk churns, Plinths and Garlands in your Wedding Flower Designs

So, can these ‘Statement’ pieces ever play the starring role in the floral drama on your wedding day or are they forever assigned to the role of ‘Best support’… An after thought if the flower budget permits?

Well it’s worth remembering, every ‘Supporting Actor’ has at least one scene where they steal the show and for Crate stacks, Milk churns, Plinths & Garlands this is invariably the Church or Ceremony Room.  Big spaces demand Big floral designs that won’t ‘disappear’ into the background. A single overflowing crate stack or a flower heavy urn on a plinth demands attention and placed at the head of the aisle  by the ceremony they defy your guests not to notice them.

Do they Represent Value for Money in the Flower Budget?

If you are working on a large  budget then a fully decorated Church can look spectacular. They are amazing pieces of architecture that offer endless possibilities for arrangements. Window designs, Pew ends, Garlands on pillars and a crate stack or plinth or two up at the front.  It will look amazing if the budget permits…the stuff of fairy tale weddings.

If not, then what one part of the design can stand alone and impress by itself. The window designs have a tendency to ‘disappear’ to the edges of the space, away from majority of guests and away from the focal point of the service. Step forward the ‘statement’ piece, stood proud up the front in everyone’s line of vision, shouting ‘Look at me, I’m pretty spectacular, don’t you think’.  In terms of cost they are often less than the 8 to 10  small window ledge designs required in an average sized church.  To get these designs really noticed you need to create flowers to fill the whole ledge and then they would cost way more than the statement piece.

So, already the ‘Statement’ design is looking good value for money as it can take on the mantle of ‘Church Flowers’ pretty much alone. A few pew ends never go amiss and are only a small part of the flower budget if kept simple.

And here’s the great thing…Get the florist’s team to slip them back to the Breakfast venue while your guests enjoy the drinks reception and suddenly the two plinths are a grand entrance design to the Banqueting Hall. Or a rustic Crate Stack becomes a focal point next to the Table Plan in an old stone barn. So double the ‘wow’ from one design.

Yes, the table centres are always going to be the ‘Prima Donna’ lead roles in the world of wedding flowers but the ‘statement’ pieces will win all the awards for ‘Best Support Role’.

So let’s look at Crate Stacks, Milk Churns, Plinths and Garlands individually and see where they work best using examples of our own designs in action.

Crate Stacks & Milk Churns

With Rustic wedding flower themes right ‘on trend’ at the moment let’s start with these. The Wilde Bunch have used crate stacks for  a long time now as they’ve always fitted our basic style premise of ‘Bringing the outdoors indoor’. They are ideally suited to Stone Barns and outdoor ceremony’s and they never look out of place in a village Church.

Cratestacks and milk churn, Rustic wedding flowers
One of our most ‘pinned’ images (left) and Crate Stack and milk churn together at South Barn, Cambridge,

On the left is an ‘old classic’ cratestack from a few years back but see how it blends in perfectly with the walls of an old stone barn. This is one of our most ‘pinned’ images on Pinterest over the years.  On the right is a recent design from South Barn in Cambridge to show how the design compliments the old Oak beams of a traditional barn. Rustic through and through.

If you are planning an outdoor Wedding Ceremony in the summer with a Rustic Theme then the images below show the Crate stacks & Milk Churns in their natural element. Perfect for Tipi’s and garden Marquees.

Crate stack and millk churn wedding flowers
A Rustic outdoor Ceremony on the edge of Dartmoor

It doesn’t get  more ‘Rustic’ than this. And fear not, if the weather turns nasty the whole design can be moved indoors bringing  elements of the ‘garden’ inside and under cover.

Wedding Flowers : Summer & winter Milk churn designs
Maunsel House summer Milk Churn (left) and Kingscotte Barn, The Cotswolds in winter (right)

The images above show how milk churns work equally as well indoors as they do outside. And remember, that outdoor churn can be back in the breakfast room within minutes of the ceremony ending, adding additional floral drama to the next stage of events.

To end this section on Crate stacks  and milk churns here’s a more detailed image of a crate stack at Craig-y-nos Chapel in the Brecon Beacons showing how the design can dominate the front of a Church.

Crate stack, wedding flowers
Crate stack detail Graig-y-Nos Chapel, The Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Plinths & Urns

These are the statement pieces for the more ‘Traditional’ wedding Themes. Most at home in grand old houses they also make a dramatic floral impact placed by the wedding ceremony in churches.

The example below shows a classic use of Plinths. Clevedon Hall is a lovely venue but imagine that registrars table stood by itself in the huge space at the front of the room. It would be sat in something of an empty void.

Garland & Plinth at Clevedon Ha

By placing a plinth either side and then balancing the table centrepiece with a garland on the central pillar the flowers frame the whole ceremony. (You can see we are wedding florists and not photographers…we’ve made the right plinth look like it’s falling over and why did we leave that door open in the photo!!)

Wedding flowers : Plinths & Urns
Wedding Ceremony Plinths : Showered with pearls (left) and a ‘classic’ Church design {right)

The images above show two different uses of the ‘traditional’ Plinth and Urn. On the left is one of many used at Kerry Katona’s wedding. The design is bold and ‘fun’ with cascading showers of pearls that ‘came to life’  and sparkled in the evening under the dance floor lights.

On the right is the classic Church plinth. We’ve included this as it shows perfectly how a plinth and large flower design can dominate the vast space at the front of a church. There’s no-way that’s disappearing into the background and going unnoticed.

And finally…well… if you’ve booked a castle or stately home, or you’re lucky enough to call this the family pile, then what better way to welcome your guests than a couple of ‘guards of honour’. (And unlike Clevedon Hall the door being open kind of works in this photo…even rubbish photographers like us get lucky occasionally)

Plinths & Urns, Classic Wedding flower designs at Lulworth Castle
Two welcoming plinths at the entrance to Lulworth Castle


Garlands come in all shapes and sizes and have always been a popular accessory in wedding flowers. They are regularly used to frame and decorate locations that offer ideal photo opportunities such as Church Gates or garden arches. The Lynch Gate at Orchardleigh below shows how the addition of a Garland ‘softens’ the structure of the arch and adds a touch of colour and romanticism  to the ‘Just Married’ shots in the Wedding Album.

Wedding Flowers ; Garland on church gate
Lynch Gate Garland at the Church by Orchardliegh

The large photo right at the top of this article shows the band stand at Maunsel House in Somerset. This is a plain ‘duck egg’ blue wooden structure used for outdoor ceremonies. The addition of the ‘natural’ Passion flower Garland breaks the hard lines and softens the whole ceremony setting.

Wedding Garland
Garland at Aldwick Court Farm. Simple Ferns and Gypsophila on the cross-beam rafters

Garland’s can equally be used as ‘statement’ pieces just to make your guests go ‘wow’.  The heart-shaped Garland below was shot at Lulworth Castle. This renovated ‘ruin’ of a castle has ceilings that must be 80 feet high and part rendered, part crumbling original walls. No room for small designs here. At nearly 6 foot this hand constructed Garland was designed to get noticed and create floral drama. It’s a personal favourite design of ours and a good place to end this article on ‘Statement’ designs.

Wedding Flowers, Heart shaped floral Garland
‘Love’ at Lulworth Castle by The Wilde Bunch

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Ideas: Using Natural Wood in Wedding Flower Designs

Natural and rustic wedding ideas have their origins in the USA. Over the last two years ‘Pinterest’ has had a major influence on wedding planning and the  introduction of new styles. With its origins in the USA a high percentage of wedding flower pins feature American brides and wedding themes. This has introduced English brides to the natural and rustic wedding ideas so popular over there at the moment.

Using a lot of natural wood in the designs, The Wilde Bunch have taken the core of these rustic wedding ideas and added our own style, developing designs with an English ‘Cottage Garden’ feel.

We’ve created a series of designs, from simple log slices, to our very own high-end ‘Rustic wedding chic’ and developed a whole new English theme.

How and where Rustic Wedding Ideas work best

Well it’s no surprise they work magnificently in old stone farm buildings and barns!! The props that work alongside the rustic theme like milk churns and crate stacks are ‘home from home’ in these venues.

The large blank canvas of Marquees & Tipis require drama to bring them to life or they risk looking like big empty tents. The Rustic theme is full of bold, statement pieces (crate stacks, churns, hand made ‘trees’) all of which can ‘hold their own’ and dominate these large spaces. Natural, rustic table designs become a continuation of the garden outside. The inclusion of trailing ferns and branches on the pillars and beams can transform a Tipi into a magical grotto in the garden.

Woodland wedding flowers
Transforming a Tipi into a woodland grotto

In the last year we’ve taken the Rustic theme to Country Estate Houses and even Castles (Lulworth) and it works just as well.

So basically, if the designs are done well and adapted to their surroundings there are no limits to where this style can work. So, lets take a look at our own designs and see how they work.

The Wilde Bunch Rustic Wedding Ideas

Oak & Birch Log Slices

We see these as the starting point of our rustic, wood based, flower designs. They are simple designs incorporating old vintage bottles or jars. The glassware also works well alongside battered pewter tankards and stoneware.

Rustic wedding flower ideas with log slices and bottles
Elegant & simple Rustic designs using log slices and bottles

They make the perfect table centerpieces and using bottles and containers of varying sizes  creates ‘height’ in the designs. The Wilde Bunch Barn is littered with log slices a local ‘woodsman’ cut for us in varying sizes from 6 inch diameter ‘thins’ to whopping 13 inch slices up to 3 inches thick with gnarled old bark and moss.

Rustic wedding ideas, log slice and bottles
Top table log slice design at Priston Mill

Narrow necked bottles are not ‘heavy’ users of flower ingredients so the resulting designs are the most affordable for those looking for a rustic theme but conscious of the budget.   The pictures above show how the designs can be adapted to budget. From a simple three bottle design, to a much larger grouping of bottles and jars.

Wilde Bunch Reclaimed Wood Boxes

These low box designs are unique to The Wilde Bunch as we made them ourselves following a trip to the local re-claimed wood yard. Nothing commercially available had that feel of rustic authenticity. They are compact and sit perfectly on the average wedding venue ‘round’.

Rustic wooden boxes for wedding flowers
Rustic wooden boxes at the barn and fully decorated

The flower designs are limitless. When covered in moss with an abundance of ‘wild’ flowers and fronds of fern or jasmine tumbling onto the table they re-create a wooden planter in a cottage garden. Small bottles containing delicate sweet-peas can be placed among the tumbling fronds for extra effect.

Rustic wedding ideas. Reclaimed wooden boxes
Wilde Bunch reclaimed wood boxes with white flowers and succulents

Covered in plain old moss they also make the perfect rustic base for table plans.

Beautiful designs and some of our most ‘pinned’ images on Pinterest

‘Tree Roots’: High-end Rustic Chic

It wouldn’t be ‘The Wilde Bunch’ if Head Designer, Claire Nicholson didn’t take a basic idea like ‘Rustic’ and push the design boundaries. Many years ago (long before Pinterest and ‘Rustic’ wedding styles) she was commissioned to transform the longest barn in Europe for a London Bankers’ birthday party . The design spec was to create a woodland grotto…trees and all… inside the barn (don’t ask what the budget was!!) Needless to say it was amazing and shows these ‘woodland/natural’ themes have been around for ever

Now she’s looked at the whole natural wood theme and managed to source some amazing pieces of gnarled tree root, full of contours and crevices. These make an incredible base for unique ‘planting’ in every nook & cranny. The resulting designs are simply stunning.

Rustic wedding flowers, table centre design
Natural wood root table centre design at Larmer Tree Gardens

Every piece of root is a different shape, so every table centre is a unique design. Claire was shown these floristry techniques years ago when training in Europe with Dutch Masters. It’s time-consuming work but these pieces look like they’ve been growing naturally in a shady corner of an idyllic cottage garden and been picked up and carried inside.

Rustic wedding table centrepiece at Coombe Lodge
Elegant rustic table centrepiece at Coombe Lodge

The most natural and beautiful of all the Rustic designs. You work with Claire on your choice of flowers, mosses and ferns and as a result the designs are unique to your wedding. With this design spec no other bride will ever have the same wedding flowers as you

Hand crafted ‘Trees’ as Table Centres

It may help to think of these as the candelabras of the Natural Wood designs. Like candelabras they are statement pieces for large spaces offering great height, but also the ability to see across the table under the design. The ‘must be able to see under or over’ rule is crucial with designs of this size. No floral table design should ever block a clear view across the table.

Rustic wedding ideas
Wilde Bunch ‘Trees’ at Lulworth Castle, Dorset

They work really well in Marquees and Tipi’s where you need big bold designs to fill the space and create focal points. There’s nothing stopping you mixing designs and the example below shows how trees and log slices can be mixed across the room to give a variation in height.

Rustic wedding flowers
Mixed Rustic wedding table designs at the Gants Mill Marquee in Bruton

Back at the barn we have made two sized bases. The first at around 4 foot for tables and the second at 6-7 foot for freestanding ‘Palms’ and larger ‘trees’.

Because we design these from the base up you can have whatever you want. Realistic looking ‘trees’ or fun ‘trees’ packed with colourful blooms.

Crate Stacks, Milk Churns & Garlands : Rustic wedding accessories

The Wilde Bunch use these ‘statement’ pieces a lot in our work so we’ve given them their own article. Click here for design details and loads more pictures. Although they are the perfect accompaniment for Rustic wedding designs they also work really well with many of our other wedding themes so deserve their own separate article. If you are looking at Natural/Rustic themes this is a ‘must read’.

Cratestacks and milk churn, Rustic wedding flowers
One of our most ‘pinned’ images (left) & Crate Stack & milk churn together at South Barn, Cambridge,

An overview of Rustic Wedding ideas

Though the term ‘Rustic Weddings’ appeared recently with the rise in popularity of ‘Pinterest’ the basis of rustic wedding ideas have been around for years in this country. The Wilde Bunch have been using Crate Stacks and Milk Churns for as far back as we can remember. Many of our new designs are simply adaptations of the ‘age old’ classics with the addition of more natural wood elements.

As such, it is possible to incorporate elements of ‘Rustic Design’ into most wedding themes. There are no set rules with Wilde Bunch designs and we happily use our Black Iron Candelabras alongside rustic wedding ideas. Don’t be limited by ‘Wedding Publication’  terms. There’s a whole middle ground of designs between the ‘Traditional’ and the ‘Natural/Rustic’ wedding themes. Go ‘mix and match’ to your hearts content and have fun in the planning stage.

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Right guys put down that TV remote for a minute its time to think about your buttonholes. Don’t panic we’ll make this as short and to the point as we can and tradition dictates you get the main ingredient from the bride’s bouquet so there’s not a lot for you to decide.

Who gets buttonholes

Wedding etiquette states The Groom, The Best man, The Groomsmen, Ushers and the Dads. For the Mums, possibly a corsage each..Beyond that you can go as far down the extended family as you wish, or the budget allows.

Classic wedding Buttonholes using chintz with brown twine stems
Classic Buttonholes using chintz with brown twine stems

Your Buttonholes

Boutonnieres, to give them their correct French title, comprise of either a single flower or little grouping of flowers from the Bride’s bouquet. They must be flowers that can be wired and be capable of holding up all day. So not all main ingredients from the brides bouquet are suitable for buttonholes and sometimes a secondary flower is the better option. Your wedding florist will advise.

classic wedding buttonholes
Classic buttonholes with a white Orchid (left) and Red Rose (right)

Ladies wear them on the right lapel and gentlemen on the left. They are attached with a fine pearl topped pin. The ladies may prefer a wrist corsage, hat or hand bag adornment.

In terms of overall flower costs buttonholes are relatively inexpensive, ours start from £5.50 each.

Simple Rustic Buttonholes
Simple Rustic buttonholes. With silk stem (left) and brown twine (right)

Most importantly, they must suit your suits! Many suits have sewn up buttonholes nowadays so the stems become a design feature too. From rustic brown twine for Tweed or Linen suits, to fine organza ribbon for Italian sharp suits and Top Hat and Tails.

Wedding Buttonholes for summer: Blue Cornflowers, Rose and berries. Pale Rose and Succulent
Summer Wedding Buttonholes: Blue Cornflowers, Rose and berries (left) Pale Rose and Succulent (Right)

Putting your buttonholes on…

One last important thing….guys don’t be afraid to ask the florist to put your buttonholes on if you are unsure. They are not something you wear everyday so don’t be ashamed to admit if you don’t know. They go on your left lapel, just like the picture below…and what a study of concentration….Well done that man…Perfect

Wedding buttonholes
A study in concentration…Well Done

While putting the finishing touches on Church flowers we’ve seen some shockers over the years as the groomsmen gather prior to the ceremony. We’ve never seen ‘upside down’ but we’ve witnessed every other permutation possible with ‘back to front’ or on the wrong lapel the most common in the catalogue of errors. Your buttonholes are going to feature in all the ceremony photos for your album so you want them to look perfect. Just ask the florist if you’re not sure.

Wedding buttonholes
Wedding buttonholes. From basic Rustic (left) to strutting, decadent Peacock feathers (right)

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Wedding Bouquets : A detailed article looking at different styles and designs. Matching your wedding dresses and seasonal variations in flowers.

Wedding Bouquets

An introduction to Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are an absolute ‘must’ to get right for every bride we work with. A perfect wedding bouquet is every bride’s dream and every make-up artists nightmare… a few tears of joy on delivery, and it’s back to ‘stage one’ on the mascara.

Bouquets will feature in so many photos of your Big Day and they are the main accessory to your beautiful dress. As florists, we simply have to get it right.

Wedding bouquet and bridesmaid posies
Summer Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaid’s Posies

Wedding bouquets come in all shapes and sizes from simple hand-tied posies (below) to complex wired arrangements.  Before you choose a style there are a few points you must consider.

Budget: Hand tied wedding bouquets are by far and away the most popular designs, with simple posies being the entry point in terms of cost. Moving on costs are determined by choice of flowers and complexity of design.

Wired bouquets involve technical skill and patience to create and not all florists are comfortable doing them. When made correctly each individual ingredient in a wired bouquet will shimmer as you move and they look stunning. Unfortunately this comes at a price and as a result most brides settle for hand tied arrangements. Within the Wilde Bunch team, Claire ‘The Boss’ and Head Designer is skilled in wired work and will happily run through costings and designs with any bride considering the ‘wired’ option.

Simple Wedding Bouquets by The Wilde Bunch, Top Bristol wedding florists. Part of a full feature on wedding bouquets
Simple hand tied wedding bouquets featuring Lily of the Valley (left) and Sweet Peas (right)

Size: The golden rule with wedding bouquets is…’ let the brides stature determine the size of bouquet’. A bouquet shouldn’t be wider than the brides waist. All the time spent coordinating colours to match the dress can be ruined if a bouquet is too large. Rather than being an accessory it will dominate and overpower both the dress and any photos it appears in. This is one instance where ‘big’ is definitely not best…think ‘subtle’ when it comes to wedding bouquets.

Seasonal flower availability: No florist has control over nature and some of the popular ingredients in wedding bouquets like Lily of the Valley and Jasmine have very short growing seasons. This can be as little as two weeks a year and that two week period can vary from year to year with fluctuations in the weather during the growing season. So try and have some flexibility in your ideas for ingredients. A good florist should warn you of the risks with certain ingredients and show you similar alternatives well in advance. This avoids any unwanted surprises on your Big Day.

Now, let’s take a look at some different styles created by The Wilde Bunch.

Classic hand tied wedding bouquets

These are the next step up from the simple posy, usually featuring a greater selection of floral ingredients.

Brides bouquet
Brides bouquet
hand tied wedding bouquets by The Wilde Bunch
Beautiful hand tied wedding bouquets by The Wilde Bunch

We’ve called these ‘Classic’ because they represent the traditional concept of a wedding bouquet in terms of shape and design. Flower choices and colours are limitless, resulting in a huge range of styles and designs.

Summer wedding bouquets in soft pastel colours
Soft pastel summer wedding bouquets. Sweet peas (left) and a summer selection of ingredients (right)

Freestyle wedding bouquets

This is not an ‘industry’ term it’s our Wilde Bunch description of designs where Brides have put their trust in Claire to come up with something totally original and unique to reflect their personality and style.

The Wilde Bunch freestyling with ingredients for totally unique wedding bouquets
The Wilde Bunch freestyling with ingredients for totally unique wedding bouquets

If you trust your florist and love their work it can pay to give them a ‘free rein’ in the designs. It’s quite a ‘leap of faith’ but with Claire it brings out her passion to ‘design to the max’ and the results can be stunning.

Hand tied wedding bouquets
Another stunning hand tied ‘Freestyle’ wedding bouquet with amazing depth and texture

Wedding Bouquets with trails

These wedding bouquets are really an extension of the ‘classic’ theme though hand-tied a little ‘wilder’. The trails themselves can be flowers like Jasmine or, as in the picture below, Passion Flowers.

Trailing wedding bouquets
Claire Nicholson Head Designer and ‘The Boss’ with her favourite ‘Trailing Bouquet’ of the last year

This study in concentration shows Claire at the Barn with one of her favourite trailing bouquets of last year. Nothing leaves the barn before Claire has thoroughly checked it over.

trailing summer wedding bouquets
A pair of trailing summer wedding bouquets

Rustic and colourful Wedding Bouquets

These are the popular designs of the moment and Wilde Bunch favourites. Taking a wide variety of flowers from the table centre designs and putting them together in a less formal Rustic/Natural style.

Rustic pastel wedding bouquet and rustic colourful wedding bouquet
Rustic pastel ‘Wilde Bunch’ wedding bouquet (left). Rustic and colourful wedding bouquet (right)

The concept of the design is…’freshly picked from a Cottage garden and loosely thrown together’. Of course in reality getting the colour balance  and balance of ingredients is an ‘Art’ in itself and they are far from ‘thrown together’

The Wilde Bunch lead the way in these designs and we absolutely love creating in this style.

Rustic wedding bouquets
Rustic wedding bouquet in detail. Simple pastel colours

Just lately there has been an emerging trend for really vibrant colours in wedding bouquets.  Claire loves them as the opportunities for design are endless. They are a perfect example of how trends are constantly evolving and a good point to end our look at the different designs popular at the moment.

Bright coloured vibrant wedding bouquet
This Summers has seen a lot of brides asking for brightly coloured, vibrant wedding bouquets

Moving away from designs let’s finish with a couple of essential tips on ‘storage of bouquets’ and ‘getting the best from your wedding photos’ that will be helpful to all Brides.

Storage and preparation of Wedding Bouquets between delivery and the ceremony

Whether you are getting ready at home or at the venue, ensure there is a cooler area to store wedding bouquets and other bridal flowers. A good florist will ensure they are delivered in perfect condition so don’t jeopardise them at this late stage, especially all you summer brides. Store away from sources of heat and direct sun light.

They will be delivered, stood upright in a container of water for absolute freshness. Fifteen minutes before leaving for the ceremony, take them out of the water and pat the stalks lightly with a cloth to dry them off. The fifteen minutes gives the cut ends a chance to ‘seal’, meaning no wet patches on your lovely dress, but the flowers still in tip top condition!!

How to hold Wedding Bouquets for the official photos

Please don’t get this wrong…and ‘Yes’ there most definitely is a ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ way and it makes a real difference in the resulting photos for your album.

The Right Way (below left):  Grasp the bouquet with both hands round the stem. Relax your arms and let them hang straight. Have the stems facing straight back towards…well err… lets say your ‘lower tummy region’ (try it now, put your hands together and arms straight , you’ll see where they land up!) Now the main display of flowers is pointing straight at the photographer at the perfect height resulting in the perfect picture!!

Holding Wedding Bouquets correctly for photographers by The Wilde Bunch, Top Bristol wedding florists. Part of a full feature on wedding bouquets
Same bouquet, same wedding. Held correctly (left) and stems on display (right)

The Wrong Way (above right): Arm bent at the elbow and clutching the bouquet in one hand, facing upright. What The Wilde Bunch describe as ‘The Olympic Torch’ stance. The flowers aren’t fully on display but you do get a great shot of the stems…Not what you want and believe us there are loads of wedding albums containing exactly this. These are photos of the same bouquet at a wedding we did and hopefully you can see the difference it makes.

As in the pictures above, it will never be guaranteed. Some of our favourite wedding photographers like Sam Gibson have that unique talent to capture the most ‘natural’ shots of the day so there will always be instances where the bride is totally unaware a photo is being taken.

But for the official ‘line-ups’ compose yourself as the photographer steps up and remember, it’s stems back, flowers forward even if you’re holding the bouquet in one hand.

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