Floral Crowns

Every bride dreams of a fairy tale wedding and floral crowns evoke that magical world of  Princesses and romance. Nothing will generate as many ‘oohs & aahs’ from your guests as a flower girl, looking pretty as a Princess with her floral crown. It’s such an iconic heart warming image.

A stunning Wilde Bunch 'Natural / Rustic' floral crown with Woodland Bluebells and Ivy leaves
A stunning Wilde Bunch ‘Natural / Rustic’ floral crown with Woodland Bluebells and Ivy leaves

Floral crowns are very en-vogue this year with Natural / Rustic and ‘Hippy Chic’ themes all over the Bridal magazines. These themes lend themselves perfectly to floral crowns putting them right on trend. This year floral crowns moved beyond wedding magazines and onto the fashion pages as the accessory of choice for the summer festival goers. All in all this has definately been the year of the floral crown.

Summer Bride with a 'Natural' Floral Crown
Summer Bride with a ‘Natural’ Floral Crown

‘Simple’ designs are definitely the way forward with an emphasis on a single flower type that can handle wiring.  They must be robust enough to  stand the rigours of the wedding day. The overall weight of the design also needs careful consideration so this limits the kind of flowers that can be used. Floral crowns should sit lightly on the head and be comfortable to wear. Using larger blooms like heavy rose heads creates a design that would be too heavy for comfort over the course of the day.

Floral crowns
A light and stylish floral crown picking key flowers from the brides bouquet

Colour can be injected into the design by using smaller flowers like single spray rose buds or any smaller flowers from the Bride’s bouquet.

And finally here’s a beautiful vivid floral crown we designed for a Caribbean themed wedding.

floral crown
Vivid Caribbean theme floral crown

Floral Crowns for Flower Girls

Nothing evokes the innocence and purity of childhood better than a flower girl in her best party frock with a simple, natural floral crown.

Floral crowns for flower girls
Floral crowns perfectly capture the innocence of childhood
Flower girl floral crowns
Every little girl wants to be a Princess for the day

Now a few words of wisdom from our many years experience as both wedding florists and parents. As any parent knows all too well, behind every little Princess there often lies a little madam who can throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat…or in this case being asked to wear something she’s never seen before. It can  pay to mock up something similar…. an Alice band with a few cut out paper flowers would suffice. Then get our flower girl used to wearing it by playing  ‘fairy-tale princess’ games well in advance. Come the big day and the real floral crown, it all becomes part of a game and there’s less chance of any tantrums.

wedding floral crown
Flower girl with floral crown

As florists when designing floral crowns we need a fairly accurate measurement of the circumference of the wearers head. This is especially so with little children as they will quickly become intolerant if the floral crown keeps slipping over their eyes or if it’s tight and uncomfortable. Our designs allow for a little last minute adjustment but it’s best to be as close to perfect from the start.

Alternative Hair Flowers

As with Floral Crowns any hair flowers need to be as light as possible and be capable of wiring. We know what wedding hairdressers require and simple ideas like small sprigs of Gypsophila or single small flowers are perfect.  This way the weight doesn’t affect the natural ‘fall & flow’ of your chosen hairstyle.

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