Church Wedding Flowers

Nothing  evokes the ‘Fairy Tale’ wedding quite like a Church fully adorned with beautiful seasonal flowers. However, filling these large spaces means Church wedding flowers can take a considerable sum from the overall flower budget. So lets look at the different options available to suit each budget.

Statement church wedding flowers pedestal design and simple Gypsophila Pew Ends
Statement pedestal design and simple Gypsophila Pew Ends

Most Church wedding flowers can be divided as follows:

  • Entrance Flowers : Lynch Gates, Arches & Porch designs
  • Pew Ends
  • Statement Pieces by the Ceremony : Usually Plinths, Pedestals or crate-stacks to create a focal point
  • Window ledges
  • Altar flowers

Simple Church Wedding Flowers

If you are working to a budget we always recommend keeping the Church designs as simple as possible. Focus the flower budget back on the table centres at the wedding breakfast. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cover the whole spectrum of Church flowers with small designs. In the vast interiors of most Churches  small designs  ‘disappear’ into the background and risk going unnoticed.

Church pew end wedding flower ideas
Opulent and wild church pew end designs

So, for the simplest of Church wedding flowers we always recommend starting with Pew End designs. Something as basic as sprigs of Gypsophila (baby’s breath) create a focal point down the aisle and can stand alone as the Church flowers at a relatively low cost.

Moving on, if the budget permits, a single statement piece by the ceremony creates the perfect focal point for your guests and a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony photos. And…remember all these designs can be moved back to the Breakfast venue and added to the designs there.

Complete Church Wedding Flowers

Here the scope for design is huge and the results can be stunning. Much depends on the architecture and style of the Church in question. Go rustic/Natural for the idyllic village Church or ‘traditional’ or ‘unique’ for urban settings.

Entrance Flowers

Many rural churches have an old Lynch Gate and these are always seen as ideal photo locations by wedding photographers. A beautiful floral Garland over the arch produces a stunning, romantic frame to the classic ‘Just Married’ wedding photos.

Wedding Flowers ; Garland on church gate
Lynch Gate Garland at the Church by Orchardliegh

Church Porches present the perfect opportunity for a touch of floral pizzazz. A big, bold statement design like an overflowing crate stack or pair of sumptuous milk churn designs set the floral scene for what’s awaiting inside and every guest will notice them as they enter the Church.

Rustic Milk Churn design in Church Porch and Wall mounted Church Wedding Flower design
Rustic Milk Churn design in Church Porch and Wall mounted Church Flower design
Pew Ends

Always look good and the bigger the budget the more elaborate these designs can become. With trails to the floor and bursts of colour it’s possible to create a floral walk-way down the aisle.

church wedding flower pew ends
Wilde Bunch pew ends creating a wild flower walkway down the aisle
Statement Designs

These are the ‘showstoppers’ of Church wedding flowers and become the floral focal point of the ceremony. They are usually placed at the head of the aisle right next to the ceremony.

Plinth Wedding flower designs
A classic Plinth design dominating the ceremony area of the Church

Crate stacks, tall pedestals or plinths with urns are the Wilde Bunch favourites. These large designs will always draw attention and no Church will dwarf them.

Large Pedestal Church flower designs and pew ends framing the wedding ceremony
Large Pedestal Church designs and pew ends framing the ceremony
Window Ledge Designs

As a rule these work better in smaller, intimate village churches where the width of the building is limited bringing the designs in closer to the ceremony. In large churches more than four pews wide they disappear to the peripheries and become lost unless each design is made to ‘statement’ proportions which then limits them to top end budgets only.

Altar Flowers

These are generally ‘Long & Low’ designs and have the added advantage that they can be re-used as the top table design back at the Breakfast or simply used to add a touch of glamour anywhere back at the evening Venue.

Altar flowers for Church Weddings
A ‘Long & Low’ Church Altar design that can double up as a Top Table centrepiece back at the Wedding Breakfast


When apportioning the overall wedding flower budget the Church wedding flowers should never exceed the budget allocated to table centres and the evening venue. Your guests spend far more time around the tables than they do at the Church.

Focus all design and colour themes on the Breakfast venue and then use these designs to plan the Church Flowers. Churches are large. blank and generally ‘neutral’ backdrops so will work with any colour scheme. This will enable you to bring the church flowers back to the evening venue and incorporate them into the table and surrounding designs and thus keep your budget under control.

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