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As a long standing member of The Wilde Bunch team and head of the backroom staff Claire asked me to write this as she was a little embarrassed to script it herself :

So, Claire Nicholson ‘The Boss’ has been a wedding florist for 25 years. She helped her grandpa tend his flowers as a child and any spare time in her youth was spent at his allotment. She progressed to train and work with the Royal Horticultural Society and International florists in London and Holland. From an early stage her desire has always been to be considered a top UK wedding florist by her peers . Her knowledge of flower varieties and seasons is absolutely flawless…Grandpa taught her that from the age of 4.

She has headed design teams at major UK sporting  events including The Grand National, Aintree and the Stella Artois Tennis Tournament at the Queen’s Club, London.

As a wedding florist her portfolio is immense!! From Lord’s & Ladies in their family piles to celebrity media stars appearing in magazines. But, whether it’s a castle or the local village hall, the one thing I’ve noted over the years is that every bride gets Claire’s full attention to detail and a passion to make their ‘Big Day’ special and unique.

We are based in a Barn in the countryside just outside Bristol and are 100% committed to wedding flowers and events. We are not a shop so nothing else gets in the way. The whole Wilde Bunch team of florists are trained by Claire to deliver her designs and nothing leaves the barn before she’s scrutinised it and passed it as ‘worthy’ of ‘The Wilde Bunch’ name.

Trailing wedding bouquets
Claire Nicholson Head Designer and ‘The Boss’ with her favourite ‘Trailing Bouquet’ of the last year

In Short :

  • Does she get annoyed? Yes, she’s a perfectionist and passionate about her work and designs. If a member of her team jeopardises that they get ‘The Look’
  • Does she laugh? Yes, she laughs a lot, she loves her work, it’s her life
  • Is she a bit of a Prima Donna? She’s a designer, “aren’t they all darling”….She leads from the front and has a desire to be the best.  But her dog is worse :0)
  • Does she ever panic?  No, it’s her greatest strength. She’s been a top wedding florist for so long that nothing phases her now, and the brides all seem to pick this up and instinctively trust her with their ‘Big Day’s
  • Who gets away with murder in The Wilde Bunch team?  Boots her dog. He’s got Claire wrapped round his little paw

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