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Right guys put down that TV remote for a minute its time to think about your buttonholes. Don’t panic we’ll make this as short and to the point as we can and tradition dictates you get the main ingredient from the bride’s bouquet so there’s not a lot for you to decide.

Who gets buttonholes

Wedding etiquette states The Groom, The Best man, The Groomsmen, Ushers and the Dads. For the Mums, possibly a corsage each..Beyond that you can go as far down the extended family as you wish, or the budget allows.

Classic wedding Buttonholes using chintz with brown twine stems
Classic Buttonholes using chintz with brown twine stems

Your Buttonholes

Boutonnieres, to give them their correct French title, comprise of either a single flower or little grouping of flowers from the Bride’s bouquet. They must be flowers that can be wired and be capable of holding up all day. So not all main ingredients from the brides bouquet are suitable for buttonholes and sometimes a secondary flower is the better option. Your wedding florist will advise.

classic wedding buttonholes
Classic buttonholes with a white Orchid (left) and Red Rose (right)

Ladies wear them on the right lapel and gentlemen on the left. They are attached with a fine pearl topped pin. The ladies may prefer a wrist corsage, hat or hand bag adornment.

In terms of overall flower costs buttonholes are relatively inexpensive, ours start from £5.50 each.

Simple Rustic Buttonholes
Simple Rustic buttonholes. With silk stem (left) and brown twine (right)

Most importantly, they must suit your suits! Many suits have sewn up buttonholes nowadays so the stems become a design feature too. From rustic brown twine for Tweed or Linen suits, to fine organza ribbon for Italian sharp suits and Top Hat and Tails.

Wedding Buttonholes for summer: Blue Cornflowers, Rose and berries. Pale Rose and Succulent
Summer Wedding Buttonholes: Blue Cornflowers, Rose and berries (left) Pale Rose and Succulent (Right)

Putting your buttonholes on…

One last important thing….guys don’t be afraid to ask the florist to put your buttonholes on if you are unsure. They are not something you wear everyday so don’t be ashamed to admit if you don’t know. They go on your left lapel, just like the picture below…and what a study of concentration….Well done that man…Perfect

Wedding buttonholes
A study in concentration…Well Done

While putting the finishing touches on Church flowers we’ve seen some shockers over the years as the groomsmen gather prior to the ceremony. We’ve never seen ‘upside down’ but we’ve witnessed every other permutation possible with ‘back to front’ or on the wrong lapel the most common in the catalogue of errors. Your buttonholes are going to feature in all the ceremony photos for your album so you want them to look perfect. Just ask the florist if you’re not sure.

Wedding buttonholes
Wedding buttonholes. From basic Rustic (left) to strutting, decadent Peacock feathers (right)

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