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A Summer Marquee Wedding

The Marquee Wedding Flowers

Check the insurance, man the ladders… if you’re afraid of heights you can’t join The Wilde Bunch gang…it’s Marquee season again. Dyrham Park near Bath was the setting for this inspirational marquee wedding design in the Summer of 2016.

wedding marquee hanging garland

marquee wedding flowers
A simple stylish Table Plan

Day 1 of the installation saw Claire & Lyndi 15ft up ladders for 3 hours  creating a stunning ‘mother’ of all hanging garlands, spanning the entire marquee. As Wilde Bunch photographer and sometimes florist I arrived on day 2 to take the pictures…No please…Well honestly…I’m a photographer not a Trapeze artist!!

hanging marquee garland
A stunning hanging garland spanned the marquee

Marquee Wedding Table Centres

The tables were equally split between ‘Longs’ and ‘Rounds’ to maximise the available space. This called for two designs following the overall theme.

marquee wedding tablecentres

marquee wedding tablecentres

marquee wedding tablecentre

wedding cake decoration
A classic Wilde Bunch cake design

It wouldn’t  be a Wilde Bunch outdoor, summer wedding without a trademark Wilde Bunch crate stack. We placed one right on the marquee entrance bringing together the Church flowers and setting the scene for the Marquee wedding table centres.

marquee wedding flower ideas
A Cratestack at the entrance of the Marquee
Floral designs for marquee weddings
The crate stack tied the Church flowers to the Marquee designs

The flowers inside the Church were created by the very talented Grandma of the Bride following our palette of colours and flower ingredients. A great job…an amazing amateur or someone with a sneaky past in the trade me thinks!! Very well done, they were seamless with our designs.

The Bridal Flowers

The arch on the church door featured a Wilde Bunch garland incorporating flowers from the brides bouquet. And Hey… I climbed a mighty three rungs of a ladder to install this to earn my ‘Wilde Bunch…No Fear of heights’  credentials!!

Church wedding flowers

Summer wedding bouquet
A delicate Summer Bridal Bouquet
summer wedding bouquet
A Timeless Classic Wilde Bunch Bouquet

Rachel was an absolutely stunning bride as the above photos show. The Wilde Bunch wish both Rachel & Peter a great future together and thank you for giving  us the opportunity to create the flowers for your ‘Big Day’.

This was the first big marquee wedding of the summer and with more lined up in the coming months keep an eye on the blog for more inspiration and ideas if you are planning a marquee wedding yourself.

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Marquee Wedding Flowers

Hopefully this article will prove informative on two levels. First, and most importantly, to show off some ‘Wilde Bunch’ ideas for Marquee wedding flowers, and second, to show  how detailed planning can help you get the most from your wedding flower budget.

So, for this example let’s look at a wedding we did in the summer of 2015 in Clovelly, North Devon. The flower costing came in above average at £2,500 to £3,000 but without careful planning could have spiraled towards £4,000. So let’s look at how we maximised the couples budget on their church and marquee wedding flowers.

The bride and groom were flying in from Qatar with 130 guests from all over Europe. All planning was done via ‘Pinterest’ boards and email and the bride proved a dream to work with. Over the year she sent us 150+ ‘Pinterest’ images showing ideas with a clear theme …Perfect!! Our job was to bring this together into a final design and give the couple everything they wanted at the church, the marquee and the surrounding terrace.

Creating a theme for the Wedding

To make an impact in a Marquee requires some large scale props and floral designs. The theme had a definite rustic feel but with influences from across Europe. The picture below shows some of the props we provided (15 crates, milk churns, tree bases, 20 lanterns, 40+ log slices, 7 vintage suitcases and 150+ bottles & Jars for starters!!)

The props for marquee wedding flowers
Big props and lots of them to fill a huge marquee wedding

Between the Bride and ourselves we themed individual areas of the marquee with prop heavy designs. This is a really good idea for any marquee…choose a few big designs rather than piecemeal bits and bobs scattered around the place that risk going unnoticed. The bride also enlisted the services of two of the areas best Prop Hire companies, The Prop Factory and Virginia’s Vintage Hire. They supplied distressed shuttered window frames, old decorators ladders, wooden benches, distressed vintage tables…the list goes on. Our job was to bring these areas together under one floral theme. We’ll show you how we did it later, based around the pew ends from the church.  A great way to re-use the least expensive flowers on the day.

The two ‘on-site’ bars were provided by the wonderful Shack Revolution and their wood ‘shack’ bars merged perfectly into the overall theme.

The Church Flowers

Although this article is focusing on the Marquee Wedding Flowers we’ll cover the church flowers as every design was re-used to great effect back in the marquee. This is what careful planning is all about. Without it the costs would have been considerably more with the number of large designs required.

At the entrance to the church the guests first introduction to the floral theme were two trade mark Wilde Bunch rustic milk churns. Completely be-fitting a rural church in deepest Devon.

Church wedding flowers
Two milk churns for the Church porch and a garland for the arch

The entrance arch was decorated with a garland providing an ideal photo backdrop. Within the church the pew ends were each decorated with a large sprig of gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves.

Church wedding flower ideas
Simple pew ends leading to three statement pedestal arrangements toward the alter

The statement pieces up front, by the ceremony, were three large pedestal designs, overflowing with the main flowers from the theme (pic below). Two either side of the ceremony and one by the alter.

Church flowers
A stunning front of church statement design

The Terrace Flower Designs

So, let’s see how everything from the church became part of the marquee wedding flowers. At the entrance to the terrace we created a floral arch for the guests to walk through.

Wedding floral arch
Detail shot of the floral arch back at the marquee

The bride wanted to be escorted to the marquee by a pair of the famous Clovelly donkeys and these needed a few last minute floral adjustments…It’s all in a day’s wedding work!!

Floral arch for a wedding
Floral arch for the bride and floral adjustments for the Donkey…All in a days work for Claire

Out on the terrace we decorated the cocktail bar area with a crate stack and transformed one of the church pedestals into a new design on hay bales.

Wedding flowers
Outside Crate stack (left) and Wilde Bunch ‘Tree’ and milk churn entrance design (right)

The main entrance to the marquee had a Wilde Bunch ‘Tree’ either side accompanied by the two milk churns that had formerly decorated the entrance to the church (above)

The Marquee Wedding Flowers

And now to the main designs making up the internal Marquee wedding flowers. The French themed area (below left) was one of our favorite designs. Made up entirely of the pew end flowers in jars and props…So simple…So Rustic…So  French. And what a bonus use of the least expensive floral ingredient on the day!!

Marquee wedding flowers
French themed rustic area with shuttered mirror (left) and Rustic wedding ‘pressie’ table (right)

And guess what…Here’s some more pew ends making a statement in the drinks reception area  on our white ladders…Double bonus!!

marquee wedding flower ideas
Wilde Bunch white ladders become statement pieces with a few pew ends in bottles

Below (left) is this years ‘Pinterest’ favourite, a floral curtain ‘Wilde Bunch’ style. They really work against the white canvas of a marquee and brighten up an otherwise plain wall.

And, on the right (below) an eye catching statement piece. The alternative crate stack. A crate topped with an antique leather suitcase and placed in it, one of the pedestal arrangements from the front of the church.

floral curtain for wedding flower design
A floral curtain behind the top table and a large statement piece in an antique suitcase & crate

Below left is the wedding cake set against the floral curtain and on the (right) the main crate stack design.

Wedding flowers
The cake, the floral curtain and the crate stack

This featured a trailing garland, from the flowers in the stack to the floor. This was the garland previously adorning the church entrance. Again, nothing goes to waste in a ‘Wilde Bunch’ design.

The table centre designs followed the theme of the day. Simple ‘wilde’ flower designs in jars and bottles utilising log slices and natural wood as base props.

marquee wedding flowers, table centres
Simple jars & bottles with loads of ‘Wilde Bunch’ props

We kept the table settings simple using a sprig of Rosemary for a clean, crisp natural look (below) Then, with a large space to fill it made sense to make a feature of the bouquets. By placing them on antique trunks with log slices and a piece of lace they matched the theme and became a feature ‘area’ in their own right.

Bridesmaids posies for a wedding
The Bridesmaid’s Posies and on the right the table settings

The Bridal Flowers

Finally no wedding would be complete without a beautiful  bouquet for our bride. Here’s the bouquet with two of the bridesmaid’s posies.

Wedding bouquet and bridesmaid posies
Summer Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaid’s Posies
bridal flowers
The full display of Bridal Flowers

And here is Claire holding the bride’s bouquet to show the flower detail below, prior to placing it as the centrepiece of the bouquet arrangement.

Brides wedding bouquet
The Brides Bouquet with fine trails

And finally, even though this article is focused on Marquee wedding flowers we had to find an excuse to include this picture of the adorable flower girl with her Wilde Bunch floral crown.

wedding floral crown
Flower girl with floral crown

Well that brings our look at Marquee wedding flowers to an end. Remember to plan well and think of designs that can be used again throughout  the day. This will help keep the cost of your wedding flowers under control, whatever the budget.

One of our favorite weddings of 2015 and a really lovely couple. The bride was a catalyst of ideas and inspiration…and while the rain poured down from Bristol to Exmoor ; the sun shone all day in Clovelly…You deserved that after all your meticulous planning!!  XX

In a lovely final gesture as the couple and their guests were flying back to destinations around the world, all the flowers from the day were donated to the villagers of Clovelly as a ‘Thank-You’ for their hospitality over the week-end.

Marquee wedding flowers
Finally a shot across the main marquee. Another completed ‘Wilde Bunch’ wedding

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