Wedding Props

Introducing The Wilde Bunch Wedding Props

Here’s a sneaky glimpse at some of the wedding props available to Wilde Bunch brides. Lovingly gathered over 25 years, brides step back in amazement when they come face to face with the variety and quantity of wedding props on display. They fill one side of our huge barn.

The props for marquee wedding flowers
Big props and lots of them to fill a huge marquee wedding

The purpose of this page is to ‘open’ the barn doors prior to a meeting and let you see the main wedding props. Hopefully this will inspire you with new ideas. Any brides who come to the barn can rummage through the hundreds of smaller props and incorporate them into their chosen theme.

At this point can we make it clear: ‘We do NOT hire out any wedding props to brides not using The Wilde Bunch for their wedding flowers’. They are solely for the use of our lovely brides.

So, let’s have a look at some of our main wedding props and split them into themes. Where possible we will show them ‘with’ and ‘without’ floral decorations.

Natural wood : wedding props for Rustic themes

Very much en-vogue in the last year. The Wilde Bunch ‘Natural’ wedding props start with simple log slices (pictured below). Moving on we have ‘reclaimed wood’, low table centre boxes and the ‘Natural props’ culminate in our unique pieces of gnarled root ‘planted’ with your choice of flowers for the ultimate ‘Rustic Chic’ designs.

The Wilde Bunch barn is packed with log slices from 6 inch Beech thins to large oak slices. The perfect wedding props for wedding tablecentres
The Wilde Bunch barn is packed with log slices from 6 inch Beech thins to large oak slices

The table centre designs incorporating ‘wood’ are covered in detail in a separate article ‘Rustic wedding themes’ showing each of the props, so take a look if you’re planning a natural themed wedding.

The perfect accessories to go with these natural wood table centres include hessian wrapped bottles and jars and long Hessian table runners. Then choose from the hundreds of additional props… from pebbles to stoneware, to old battered pewter, copper lanterns and tea light holders…. the list goes on and on…

For accompanying rustic statement pieces have a look at our crate stack designs and milk churns, and if you want ‘Trees’ we have a host of our very own bases to make them to your own specifications. They cover both table centres and larger ‘freestanding’ designs.

Candelabra : Wedding props for traditional themes

For the classic stately home theme, the silver candelabra still takes some beating and we’ve got a barn full. They are ‘statement’ pieces in their own right and with a few ‘antique’  tea light holders to accompany them, they create the perfect, romantic candle-lit setting.

Silver wedding candelabra dressed with wedding flowers. The Wilde Bunch Barn is literally heaving with silver candelabra in various sizes
The Wilde Bunch Barn is literally heaving with silver candelabra in various sizes

Our ‘Wilde Bunch’ designed, black iron candelabra (below) cross the style boundaries between stately home settings and old farm buildings. We designed them so the spacing of the feet offers the opportunity for additional floral designs. For example, incorporating antique bottles and jars around the base, give these table centre-pieces a real wow’.

Wedding props, Black iron candelabra
Black Iron Candelabra designed by The Wilde Bunch. Working well in ‘traditional’ and ‘rustic’ themes

If you are looking at Rustic themes the iron candelabra work well with all the ‘rustic’ accessories listed above  in the ‘Natural Wood’ section.

Glass Jars, Bottles,  Vases, Stoneware, Pewter and Silverware : The classic wedding props

A few jars and bottles with flowers are the entry point for simple wedding table designs and the most versatile and timeless of all wedding props. You can go as elaborate as you choose. The example below shows what a difference a bit of hessian, a log slice and a few well placed pebbles and shells can make. They work with every wedding theme so ‘mix and match’ to your hearts content.

Wedding flower props, glassware. Bottles, Jars and vases
Glassware is always en-vogue and at the barn we have boxes piled up with jars, antique bottles and vases

In consequence the barn is stacked with crates containing every imaginable bottle, from cloudy antique, ‘brand embossed’ glass to blue glass, green glass and clear glass. We’ve got old stoneware bottles, antique Kilner Jars, battered pewter tankards and a whole range of antique pewter and silver tea-pots and containers.

Basically…if you can stick flowers in it, we probably have at some point in the last 25 years. Older wedding props will be tucked in a crate in some dark recess of the Barn ready for dusting down (cue the list of oldies awaiting their return to favour)…Tall lily vases, goldfish bowls, bird cages, vintage china etc etc…but trends have a habit of returning at some point…so all lovingly stashed away awaiting their big day once more.

Statement Pieces : Crates, Milk Churns, Plinths and Urns

The big ‘wow’ designs that fill any size space and ‘turn the heads’ of your guests. The crates in our stacks are genuine originals from by-gone days. We don’t use ‘Rustic Chic’ modern garden centre replicas as they are far too obviously fake and would ruin the whole authenticity of the designs.

The Wilde Bunch's most popular wedding props. The classic statement piece for 'Rustic' weddings
The Wilde Bunch’s most popular wedding props. The classic statement piece for ‘Rustic’ weddings

As we are located on a dairy farm in woods just outside of Bristol it goes without saying all our milk churns are authentic too.

The Wilde Bunch plinths and urns are classic wedding props for entrances and ceremonies

The ‘stone’ plinths are the exception to the rule and are made from wood by ourselves. They are hand painted in three different colours to replicate dark stone, light stone and sandstone. Much as we’d love them to be real we couldn’t physically lift the genuine article, so in this instance it’s a case of ‘needs must’!! They do look very realistic though, as the picture above shows.

Accessories : Lanterns, Tea lights & holders, led lights & Candles

The barn is packed with a multitude of additional wedding props. The most popular and most used are our range of copper lanterns which can be incorporated into most themes. Tea lights are a staple prop at many weddings and we have boxes containing all manner of holders to match any theme. The list of these ‘extra’ wedding props is endless and many are ‘one off’ finds, so let’s keep some back as a surprise for when you visit the barn,

Wedding props, lanterns, candles, pewter pots and bottles
The Wilde Bunch Barn is packed to the rafters with hundreds of wedding props

Happy planning and we hope we’ve given you a little insight into our ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of wedding props and some ideas to incorporate into your own wedding themes.

If you’re getting married in our part of the world then join the happy crowd of Lord’s & Ladies, Celebrities and good old Mr & Mrs’ we’ve designed for over the years.  Give us a call and if we’re free on your Big Day we’ll happily discuss a design that’s unique to you. And… if you’ve already gathered some wedding props of your own, we’ll work with you to incorporate them into final designs alongside any of ours you may wish to use.