Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

For us, simple wedding flower ideas start with basic designs in jars, bottles and vases.  These designs are timeless, always en-vogue and very affordable. They can be ‘mixed and matched’ with all wedding flower themes and scaled to suit any budget.

Simple wedding flower ideas using bottles and jars
Simple wedding flower ideas using bottles and jars

Nothing could be more straightforward for wedding table centres than a couple of bottles or jars containing flowers. From this basic design you can add more bottles, stoneware or jars to form a grouping. These are still ‘simple wedding flower ideas’ but in a scaled up version.

simple wedding flower ideas
Simple yet elegant use of bottles & Wilde Bunch props

By adding different props you can change the theme. So, by including a few log slices and maybe a natural hessian ‘runner’ you have the basis of a Rustic Theme. This can be further enhanced by giving the jars & bottles a hessian wrap. Or you could add the odd hessian wrapped, potted succulent  or pebbles and moss to the design to emphasise the Rustic feel.. The basis of the design is still the jars & bottles that form the root of all the simple wedding flower ideas.

simple wedding table centrepieces
Grouping simple bottles and jars and adding Wilde Bunch props for a Rustic theme

Taking simple wedding flower ideas like the clean, non-fussy design below you can add matching statement pieces like the freestanding trees to add extra floral drama to the Breakfast setting.

Clean & simple designs at Aldwick Farm Vineyard
Clean & simple designs at Aldwick Farm Vineyard

Away from the table centres you can create focal points for table plans or card & gift tables  using nothing more than simple flower designs, a pile of props and lashings of creative imagination. The rustic French design pictured below looked stunning and the only floral ingredients were bunches of Gypsophila from the Church Pew ends popped in jars. So simple, so French…So Wilde Bunch!!

simple rustic flower ideas
French Rustic designs using ‘Pew End’ flowers and props

Bunches of Gypsophila also make the simplest of all Church Wedding Flowers. One on the end of each pew along the aisle and you have the basis of the Church floral decoration. Then as above, with a little thought and planning they are ‘back in action’ impressing guests in other designs later in the day.

Done well simple wedding flower ideas can still have all the elegance of the grander designs in a scaled down version.

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