Wedding Candelabra

 Wedding Candelabra Ideas

‘Traditional’ and ‘formal’ are words that spring to mind when  candelabra  are mentioned as centrepieces. They conjure up images  of stately homes with grand dining halls and perfectly laid ’rounds’ with the finest silverware on show.

But the soft flickering light of candles creates an incredibly romantic setting for the wedding breakfast so we looked at ways to take wedding candelabra beyond these ‘traditional’ settings.

A moments inspiration…a hefty hole in the bank account and a trip to a Dorset blacksmith later, and we were the proud owners of twenty unique, ‘Wilde Bunch’ designed, black iron candelabra. They bring the elegance of candle lit dining to rustic settings and blend into the surroundings perfectly. With the increasing popularity of rustic wedding themes, what seemed like an extravagant investment fifteen years ago has helped the ‘Wilde Bunch’ lead the way in ‘Rustic Chic’ wedding design.

Stunning Electric Blue designs on Black Iron Wedding Candelabra
Stunning Electric Blue designs on Black Iron Wedding Candelabra

The Wilde Bunch barn is packed to the rafters with props and we are able to offer a variety of wedding candelabra options. Classic silver in two sizes and the black iron candelabra in two slightly differing heights. The silver candelabra also offer the option of ‘deconstruction’ (an industry term for taking the arms off and only using the central column)

Silver wedding candelabra ready for wedding flower designs
The Wilde Bunch Barn is packed to the rafters with silver candelabra

Before you set your heart on a candle lit wedding breakfast check that ‘real’ candles are allowed at your chosen venue.  ‘Health & Safety’ restrictions have forced some venues to say ‘No’ to naked flames. So check first.

Traditional Silver Wedding Candelabra

The timeless classic of wedding table centrepieces, dating back to the early 1900’s. It has to be said they tick a lot of boxes…stylish, elegant, romantic and they comply with the ‘golden rule’, to see the guest sat opposite both ‘under’ or ‘over’ the design.

Silver Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces
Wilde Bunch Silver Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces

They can be placed on a table ‘naked’ with no flowers. We don’t hire our wedding candelabra without flowers, unless we are supplying all the other bridal and venue flowers.

They are constructed to take florist foam on the central column between the arms. This slightly restricts the width of designs as it’s always wise to keep the flowers within the line of the candles and away from the flames. Floral ingredients are flammable and you wouldn’t want your celebrations to literally ‘bring the roof down’!!

‘Deconstructed’ Silver Wedding Candelabra

If a venue has banned ‘naked flames’ these offer the candelabra designs without the candle holders. They allow as slightly ‘wilder’ positioning of flowers as there no flames to work around. In the last few years they have become a design in their own right and just referred to as ‘deconstructed candelabra’.

Deconstructed Silver Wedding Candelabra from Kerry Katona's Wedding Flowers
Deconstructed Silver Candelabra from Kerry Katona’s Wedding Flowers

The Wilde Bunch Black Iron Candelabra

These are the ideal crossover to take the candelabra into rustic settings and ‘boy’ do they look good!! To our surprise, they also work really well in stately home settings. We never envisaged that when we had them made.

Black Iron Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces
Wilde Bunch Black Iron Wedding Candelabra Centrepieces

When we commissioned these a lot of thought went into the design. The bases aren’t round like their silver cousins. The four thin legs mean other floral designs like bottles, stoneware, jars etc can be placed tight to the central column (important with the restricted space on wedding rounds)

These iron candelabra have a tendency to discolour quite quickly and we used to moan like mad about having to re-spray them for every job. Now we get as many couples wanting them  ‘as they come’ for rustic wedding themes in barns and farm buildings.

Black Iron wedding candelabra
Wilde Bunch, Black Iron wedding candelabra in detail

Offering all that’s elegant about candelabra with the ability to look perfect in a stone farm building these are the ultimate  ‘Rustic Chic’ wedding accessory.

And ‘Yes’ we do love them because no-one else has any the same….They’re unique to The Wilde Bunch and all ours!!

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