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Wedding Bouquets

An introduction to Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are an absolute ‘must’ to get right for every bride we work with. A perfect wedding bouquet is every bride’s dream and every make-up artists nightmare… a few tears of joy on delivery, and it’s back to ‘stage one’ on the mascara.

Bouquets will feature in so many photos of your Big Day and they are the main accessory to your beautiful dress. As florists, we simply have to get it right.

Wedding bouquet and bridesmaid posies
Summer Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaid’s Posies

Wedding bouquets come in all shapes and sizes from simple hand-tied posies (below) to complex wired arrangements.  Before you choose a style there are a few points you must consider.

Budget: Hand tied wedding bouquets are by far and away the most popular designs, with simple posies being the entry point in terms of cost. Moving on costs are determined by choice of flowers and complexity of design.

Wired bouquets involve technical skill and patience to create and not all florists are comfortable doing them. When made correctly each individual ingredient in a wired bouquet will shimmer as you move and they look stunning. Unfortunately this comes at a price and as a result most brides settle for hand tied arrangements. Within the Wilde Bunch team, Claire ‘The Boss’ and Head Designer is skilled in wired work and will happily run through costings and designs with any bride considering the ‘wired’ option.

Simple Wedding Bouquets by The Wilde Bunch, Top Bristol wedding florists. Part of a full feature on wedding bouquets
Simple hand tied wedding bouquets featuring Lily of the Valley (left) and Sweet Peas (right)

Size: The golden rule with wedding bouquets is…’ let the brides stature determine the size of bouquet’. A bouquet shouldn’t be wider than the brides waist. All the time spent coordinating colours to match the dress can be ruined if a bouquet is too large. Rather than being an accessory it will dominate and overpower both the dress and any photos it appears in. This is one instance where ‘big’ is definitely not best…think ‘subtle’ when it comes to wedding bouquets.

Seasonal flower availability: No florist has control over nature and some of the popular ingredients in wedding bouquets like Lily of the Valley and Jasmine have very short growing seasons. This can be as little as two weeks a year and that two week period can vary from year to year with fluctuations in the weather during the growing season. So try and have some flexibility in your ideas for ingredients. A good florist should warn you of the risks with certain ingredients and show you similar alternatives well in advance. This avoids any unwanted surprises on your Big Day.

Now, let’s take a look at some different styles created by The Wilde Bunch.

Classic hand tied wedding bouquets

These are the next step up from the simple posy, usually featuring a greater selection of floral ingredients.

Brides bouquet
Brides bouquet
hand tied wedding bouquets by The Wilde Bunch
Beautiful hand tied wedding bouquets by The Wilde Bunch

We’ve called these ‘Classic’ because they represent the traditional concept of a wedding bouquet in terms of shape and design. Flower choices and colours are limitless, resulting in a huge range of styles and designs.

Summer wedding bouquets in soft pastel colours
Soft pastel summer wedding bouquets. Sweet peas (left) and a summer selection of ingredients (right)

Freestyle wedding bouquets

This is not an ‘industry’ term it’s our Wilde Bunch description of designs where Brides have put their trust in Claire to come up with something totally original and unique to reflect their personality and style.

The Wilde Bunch freestyling with ingredients for totally unique wedding bouquets
The Wilde Bunch freestyling with ingredients for totally unique wedding bouquets

If you trust your florist and love their work it can pay to give them a ‘free rein’ in the designs. It’s quite a ‘leap of faith’ but with Claire it brings out her passion to ‘design to the max’ and the results can be stunning.

Hand tied wedding bouquets
Another stunning hand tied ‘Freestyle’ wedding bouquet with amazing depth and texture

Wedding Bouquets with trails

These wedding bouquets are really an extension of the ‘classic’ theme though hand-tied a little ‘wilder’. The trails themselves can be flowers like Jasmine or, as in the picture below, Passion Flowers.

Trailing wedding bouquets
Claire Nicholson Head Designer and ‘The Boss’ with her favourite ‘Trailing Bouquet’ of the last year

This study in concentration shows Claire at the Barn with one of her favourite trailing bouquets of last year. Nothing leaves the barn before Claire has thoroughly checked it over.

trailing summer wedding bouquets
A pair of trailing summer wedding bouquets

Rustic and colourful Wedding Bouquets

These are the popular designs of the moment and Wilde Bunch favourites. Taking a wide variety of flowers from the table centre designs and putting them together in a less formal Rustic/Natural style.

Rustic pastel wedding bouquet and rustic colourful wedding bouquet
Rustic pastel ‘Wilde Bunch’ wedding bouquet (left). Rustic and colourful wedding bouquet (right)

The concept of the design is…’freshly picked from a Cottage garden and loosely thrown together’. Of course in reality getting the colour balance  and balance of ingredients is an ‘Art’ in itself and they are far from ‘thrown together’

The Wilde Bunch lead the way in these designs and we absolutely love creating in this style.

Rustic wedding bouquets
Rustic wedding bouquet in detail. Simple pastel colours

Just lately there has been an emerging trend for really vibrant colours in wedding bouquets.  Claire loves them as the opportunities for design are endless. They are a perfect example of how trends are constantly evolving and a good point to end our look at the different designs popular at the moment.

Bright coloured vibrant wedding bouquet
This Summers has seen a lot of brides asking for brightly coloured, vibrant wedding bouquets

Moving away from designs let’s finish with a couple of essential tips on ‘storage of bouquets’ and ‘getting the best from your wedding photos’ that will be helpful to all Brides.

Storage and preparation of Wedding Bouquets between delivery and the ceremony

Whether you are getting ready at home or at the venue, ensure there is a cooler area to store wedding bouquets and other bridal flowers. A good florist will ensure they are delivered in perfect condition so don’t jeopardise them at this late stage, especially all you summer brides. Store away from sources of heat and direct sun light.

They will be delivered, stood upright in a container of water for absolute freshness. Fifteen minutes before leaving for the ceremony, take them out of the water and pat the stalks lightly with a cloth to dry them off. The fifteen minutes gives the cut ends a chance to ‘seal’, meaning no wet patches on your lovely dress, but the flowers still in tip top condition!!

How to hold Wedding Bouquets for the official photos

Please don’t get this wrong…and ‘Yes’ there most definitely is a ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ way and it makes a real difference in the resulting photos for your album.

The Right Way (below left):  Grasp the bouquet with both hands round the stem. Relax your arms and let them hang straight. Have the stems facing straight back towards…well err… lets say your ‘lower tummy region’ (try it now, put your hands together and arms straight , you’ll see where they land up!) Now the main display of flowers is pointing straight at the photographer at the perfect height resulting in the perfect picture!!

Holding Wedding Bouquets correctly for photographers by The Wilde Bunch, Top Bristol wedding florists. Part of a full feature on wedding bouquets
Same bouquet, same wedding. Held correctly (left) and stems on display (right)

The Wrong Way (above right): Arm bent at the elbow and clutching the bouquet in one hand, facing upright. What The Wilde Bunch describe as ‘The Olympic Torch’ stance. The flowers aren’t fully on display but you do get a great shot of the stems…Not what you want and believe us there are loads of wedding albums containing exactly this. These are photos of the same bouquet at a wedding we did and hopefully you can see the difference it makes.

As in the pictures above, it will never be guaranteed. Some of our favourite wedding photographers like Sam Gibson have that unique talent to capture the most ‘natural’ shots of the day so there will always be instances where the bride is totally unaware a photo is being taken.

But for the official ‘line-ups’ compose yourself as the photographer steps up and remember, it’s stems back, flowers forward even if you’re holding the bouquet in one hand.

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