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Maximising your Wedding Flower Budget

You will never spend as much on flowers again in your life, as you do on your Wedding Day’

It’s that quote again, but this really is ‘the biggest floral investment of your life.’ The amount couples put aside for wedding flowers varies greatly. The Wilde Bunch have worked with wedding flower budgets from £500 to a touch over £8000

This article is primarily aimed to help couples with a wedding flower budget of £500 to £1000. Once you go beyond this figure the worries about ‘spreading the budget thinly’ start to go down and the advice below becomes less critical.

To get the most from a £500 to £1000 budget you have to establish priorities and allocate the budget accordingly. Don’t panic!!…We will now show you simple ways this can be achieved.

Factors that determine the overall cost of your Wedding Flowers

  • The size of Venue booked
  • Are there Church / Ceremony flowers as well as Venue flowers
  • The number of tables at the Wedding Breakfast
  • Your bouquet & the number of Bridesmaid’s bouquets
  • The number of buttonholes & corsages
  • Extra flowers for ‘Thank-You bouquets, Hair flowers etc

Establish Priorities in your wedding flower budget

With 25 years experience as Specialist wedding florists please trust us to list, in order of priority, where we think your flower budget should be allocated. We will explain our reasons as we go through each point in detail.

  • Your Bouquet & the Groom’s Buttonhole
  • The Table Centrepieces
  • Bridesmaid’s bouquets & other Buttonholes
  • ‘Statement’ floral pieces (crate stacks, Urns & Plinths, Garlands etc)
  • Flowers for the Church / Ceremony room
  • Hair flowers (Floral Crowns etc)
  • Thank-you bouquets
Wedding flowers Bristol: Summer bouquet and floral crown
One of our beautiful summer brides with wedding bouquet and floral crown

Your Bouquet: Top of the list because this is Your Big Day and this is the main accessory to your beautiful dress. It’s going to feature in so many photos so don’t cut costs in this department. This is a number one priority in the wedding flower budget.

Table Centerpieces: These are the floral ‘wow’ and bring together the whole ‘theme’ of your wedding day. Your guests will be seated around these designs for a couple of hours. They are dramatic focal points and conversation topics and as such deserve a hefty allocation of the wedding flower budget. They will also feature in a lot of photos and memories of the day.

Wedding flowers, table centerpiece
‘Natural wood’ table centerpiece at Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset

Bridesmaid Bouquets: These will feature heavily in the post ceremony photos but they are an area where savings can be made if necessary. A good florist will be able to compliment the Bride’s bouquet, but by choosing less expensive ingredients, keep the cost of the bridesmaid’s bouquets down if the flower budget demands. So, here is the first point where savings could be made without having a dramatic impact on the overall theme of the day.

Buttonholes & Corsages: If you’re having buttonholes and working to a budget then limit the numbers where possible. Once you stray beyond the immediate bridal party, where do you draw the line? What starts as the cheapest part of the flower budget at £4 -£6 a throw can quickly get ‘out of hand’ and suddenly you find yourself having to cut up to £100 out of the far more important parts of your wedding flower budget.

Statement Floral Pieces: These may appear to be ‘luxury’ items but can prove very versatile and provide a lot of ‘wow’ for the cost. They are particularly dramatic in large venues and churches where  smaller designs risk being ‘dwarfed’ by their surroundings.

Wedding Flowers
Crate stack and Garland, ‘Statement’ pieces from South Barn, Cambridge and Lulworth Castle

We’ve written an article on ‘Cratestacks, Urns & Garlands’ to demonstrate how deadly the impact of these designs can be, so have a read later. You may be surprised how versatile these arrangements can prove and how, used well, they can maximise your wedding flower budget.

Church / Ceremony Room Wedding Flowers: Nothing quite compares to a beautifully decorated Church on your Wedding day, but these vast spaces need a serious budget to create the ‘Fairy-tale’ wedding. If the budget is limited then focus it all back at the wedding breakfast as this is where your guests will spend most time during the day and appreciate it the most.

Small designs dotted around a church can not only ‘disappear’, worse still, the scale of the building can actually make them look out of place and a bit ‘silly’.

Step forward the moveable Statement piece. One overflowing Crate-stack or Plinth placed at the focal point by the ceremony has far more dramatic impact than ten small designs on window ledges and probably costs less. Moving it back to the wedding breakfast then gives double the impact for the outlay. So don’t dismiss ‘Statement’ pieces as ‘luxury’ secondary considerations. Used wisely they can actually be very cost effective as well as dramatic.

Wedding Flowers Bristol. Plinths and Pew Ends
Redland Church, Bristol. Fully adorned with Wedding Flowers

Alternatively, if you’re on a limited budget, but want something in the church,  keep it really simple with sprigs of a less expensive ingredient like ‘Baby’s Breath’ (Gypsophila) on the pew ends. These can also be transported back to the breakfast and added to the table flowers.

Hair flowers & Floral Crowns: Though very much in trend this year, floral crowns could be seen as a ‘luxury’ floral item. They are beautiful where the budget permits but not at the expense of taking money from the table centres, where the real ‘wow’ of your wedding flowers lie. They are definitely an area where the wedding flower budget can be trimmed without having any serious impact on the overall theme.

Thank-You Bouquets: Usually reserved for the two mothers and a lovely gesture at the end of the breakfast speeches but where the budget is limited it could be as much as £60-100 off those table centres again. Kind words in the speech, a big hug and lots of kisses and we’re sure mum will understand.


Hopefully, the lessons to take from this article are:

  1. Where possible use floral designs that are movable from Ceremony to Breakfast venue to maximise your budget
  2. Don’t dismiss ‘Statement’ pieces as a ‘luxury’. Used well, they can add drama at the Ceremony and then the Breakfast.
  3. Most importantly, don’t try and cover all bases with ‘A little here and a little there’ or this will invariably result in ‘Quite nice here and quite nice there.’ Pick your ‘Floral Priorities’ (we always recommend the table centres) and throw the flower budget at them so when your guests walk in they are hit with a real moment of ‘floral drama’. In terms of the wedding flowers that’s the one they’ll remember at the end of the day.
  4. The larger the budget the less of a worry this becomes as you can create floral ‘drama’ at all points of the day. Remember, this article is aimed at getting the most from a wedding  flower budget of £500-£1000.
  5. By concentrating on priority areas and picking your wedding florist carefully, it’s possible to leave your guests stunned by the wedding flowers, whatever the budget.

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