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Using ‘Pinterest’ Boards to Create Unique Wedding Flowers

Intro: Pinterest Boards for Wedding Flowers

Right, the purpose of this article is to give you some useful hints and advice on putting together great Pinterest Boards that help us create unique Wedding Flowers for your Big Day.

So what makes a slightly ‘muddled’ series of Pinterest Boards into a great source of inspiration for a designer?

The answer is very simple. They are like sub-conscious ‘windows into your mind’, displaying all the things you like and in consequence they reveal an insight into taste, style and most importantly personality.

These are the very things that previously took hours of emailing, phone calls and early meetings to try and establish. Now in a matter of minutes by scanning a few Boards we can start to form a picture as your initial ideas for your wedding flowers unfold before us. To creative designers like us you reveal something about yourself in every picture you ‘pin’. You quickly learn to spot the adventurous, the traditionalists and sometimes the darn right whacky.

In Top Level Wedding Floristry the hardest but most rewarding part of the adventure is arriving at a unique design that fully captures the individuality of a Bride. To capture that essence we need to know your character as well as your ideas.

Top Tips for Creating Great Pinterest Boards for wedding flowers

  1. Don’t be modest. At the early stages of creating your boards just ‘go for it’. No one is expecting to see ‘The Grand Design for your wedding flowers’. Just pin the things that make you go…’wow’. Remember you can ‘add’ and ‘delete’ pins throughout your adventure. It’s our job to bring it all together into a final coherent design. We’re the ones who are ultimately going to be judged.

  1. Don’t limit yourself by budget. If you like it ‘Pin’ it regardless of what you think it might cost. When creating designs for wedding flowers, just as in wedding dress design, there are always alternatives. The overall effect of a design that may cost a small fortune could still be achieved, within budget, by using similar, less expensive ingredients. So don’t give up on your dreams. We will do everything in our powers to make them happen one way or another.

  1. Don’t worry if your ideas seem to clash in terms of ‘themes’ or ‘colours’. Again, we are looking at an over view of what appeals to you. We can sort out final styles in the design we present to you after talking through all your ideas.

  1. Remember Wedding Trends change rapidly. If you are planning for next year don’t limit your ‘pins’ to pictures of this years ‘Trend’ at the expense of ‘pinning’ other things that naturally appeal to you. We are already planning new designs for next year, looking to take current themes to another level. It can be quite tiresome seeing work we did last year copied on other sites this year, so we can’t afford to stand still. Don’t limit yourself and miss the opportunity to have wedding flowers that make your guests go….’WOW… if only we’d thought of that’

  1. Create an ‘Interiors’ Board. This may sound a bit ‘off the wall’ but as Wedding Florists it’s not all about the flowers at the design stage. If you’ve just re-painted the lounge or re-designed the kitchen or garden, then ‘show it off’ on a separate board. Alternatively go find some pictures of interiors that inspire you and get them pinned. These show us how you think and where your ‘style’ and aspirations lie. It’s our job as designers to translate those ideas and create a theme unique to you.

  1. Create a ‘Fashion’ Board. It goes without saying we’d like to see your wedding dress ideas. After all we are going to create a bouquet as its ultimate accessory!! 

    But also get some pictures pinned of the designers and casual clothes you love. It all says something about who you are and what you are most comfortable with in terms of style.

  1. A Flower Board: This is more to see the kind of wedding flowers you like, colour schemes and general themes. It’s interesting to see designs that you like but we don’t copy others work. There is a unique ‘natural’ feel to The Wilde Bunch designs and we will interpret and work around your ideas. The designs constantly evolve and that way stay current and fresh but are always clearly identifiable as a Wilde Bunch design.

In Conclusion

Hopefully by this stage a picture is forming of how we use Pinterest as a design tool for your wedding flowers. We are not looking for the ‘finished article’. Don’t berate yourself thinking ‘I’m not a designer…I can’t possibly present a series of boards that create ‘The Grand Wedding Design’. Far from it…All we want to see is what appeals to you so just ‘Pin, Pin, Pin’ regardless of current trends and show us the ‘real’ you, that’s all we are looking for.

If your Pinterest Boards point to a ‘Traditional’ wedding we don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable by presenting a design that’s outside your comfort zone.  On the other hand, if your boards reveal a desire to ‘push boundaries’ then we are with you all the way to create a design that’s never been seen before and is totally unique to you.

Happy Pinning.

The Wilde Bunch

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