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Rustic Wedding Ideas: Using Natural Wood in Wedding Flower Designs

Natural and rustic wedding ideas have their origins in the USA. Over the last two years ‘Pinterest’ has had a major influence on wedding planning and the  introduction of new styles. With its origins in the USA a high percentage of wedding flower pins feature American brides and wedding themes. This has introduced English brides to the natural and rustic wedding ideas so popular over there at the moment.

Using a lot of natural wood in the designs, The Wilde Bunch have taken the core of these rustic wedding ideas and added our own style, developing designs with an English ‘Cottage Garden’ feel.

We’ve created a series of designs, from simple log slices, to our very own high-end ‘Rustic wedding chic’ and developed a whole new English theme.

How and where Rustic Wedding Ideas work best

Well it’s no surprise they work magnificently in old stone farm buildings and barns!! The props that work alongside the rustic theme like milk churns and crate stacks are ‘home from home’ in these venues.

The large blank canvas of Marquees & Tipis require drama to bring them to life or they risk looking like big empty tents. The Rustic theme is full of bold, statement pieces (crate stacks, churns, hand made ‘trees’) all of which can ‘hold their own’ and dominate these large spaces. Natural, rustic table designs become a continuation of the garden outside. The inclusion of trailing ferns and branches on the pillars and beams can transform a Tipi into a magical grotto in the garden.

Woodland wedding flowers
Transforming a Tipi into a woodland grotto

In the last year we’ve taken the Rustic theme to Country Estate Houses and even Castles (Lulworth) and it works just as well.

So basically, if the designs are done well and adapted to their surroundings there are no limits to where this style can work. So, lets take a look at our own designs and see how they work.

The Wilde Bunch Rustic Wedding Ideas

Oak & Birch Log Slices

We see these as the starting point of our rustic, wood based, flower designs. They are simple designs incorporating old vintage bottles or jars. The glassware also works well alongside battered pewter tankards and stoneware.

Rustic wedding flower ideas with log slices and bottles
Elegant & simple Rustic designs using log slices and bottles

They make the perfect table centerpieces and using bottles and containers of varying sizes  creates ‘height’ in the designs. The Wilde Bunch Barn is littered with log slices a local ‘woodsman’ cut for us in varying sizes from 6 inch diameter ‘thins’ to whopping 13 inch slices up to 3 inches thick with gnarled old bark and moss.

Rustic wedding ideas, log slice and bottles
Top table log slice design at Priston Mill

Narrow necked bottles are not ‘heavy’ users of flower ingredients so the resulting designs are the most affordable for those looking for a rustic theme but conscious of the budget.   The pictures above show how the designs can be adapted to budget. From a simple three bottle design, to a much larger grouping of bottles and jars.

Wilde Bunch Reclaimed Wood Boxes

These low box designs are unique to The Wilde Bunch as we made them ourselves following a trip to the local re-claimed wood yard. Nothing commercially available had that feel of rustic authenticity. They are compact and sit perfectly on the average wedding venue ‘round’.

Rustic wooden boxes for wedding flowers
Rustic wooden boxes at the barn and fully decorated

The flower designs are limitless. When covered in moss with an abundance of ‘wild’ flowers and fronds of fern or jasmine tumbling onto the table they re-create a wooden planter in a cottage garden. Small bottles containing delicate sweet-peas can be placed among the tumbling fronds for extra effect.

Rustic wedding ideas. Reclaimed wooden boxes
Wilde Bunch reclaimed wood boxes with white flowers and succulents

Covered in plain old moss they also make the perfect rustic base for table plans.

Beautiful designs and some of our most ‘pinned’ images on Pinterest

‘Tree Roots’: High-end Rustic Chic

It wouldn’t be ‘The Wilde Bunch’ if Head Designer, Claire Nicholson didn’t take a basic idea like ‘Rustic’ and push the design boundaries. Many years ago (long before Pinterest and ‘Rustic’ wedding styles) she was commissioned to transform the longest barn in Europe for a London Bankers’ birthday party . The design spec was to create a woodland grotto…trees and all… inside the barn (don’t ask what the budget was!!) Needless to say it was amazing and shows these ‘woodland/natural’ themes have been around for ever

Now she’s looked at the whole natural wood theme and managed to source some amazing pieces of gnarled tree root, full of contours and crevices. These make an incredible base for unique ‘planting’ in every nook & cranny. The resulting designs are simply stunning.

Rustic wedding flowers, table centre design
Natural wood root table centre design at Larmer Tree Gardens

Every piece of root is a different shape, so every table centre is a unique design. Claire was shown these floristry techniques years ago when training in Europe with Dutch Masters. It’s time-consuming work but these pieces look like they’ve been growing naturally in a shady corner of an idyllic cottage garden and been picked up and carried inside.

Rustic wedding table centrepiece at Coombe Lodge
Elegant rustic table centrepiece at Coombe Lodge

The most natural and beautiful of all the Rustic designs. You work with Claire on your choice of flowers, mosses and ferns and as a result the designs are unique to your wedding. With this design spec no other bride will ever have the same wedding flowers as you

Hand crafted ‘Trees’ as Table Centres

It may help to think of these as the candelabras of the Natural Wood designs. Like candelabras they are statement pieces for large spaces offering great height, but also the ability to see across the table under the design. The ‘must be able to see under or over’ rule is crucial with designs of this size. No floral table design should ever block a clear view across the table.

Rustic wedding ideas
Wilde Bunch ‘Trees’ at Lulworth Castle, Dorset

They work really well in Marquees and Tipi’s where you need big bold designs to fill the space and create focal points. There’s nothing stopping you mixing designs and the example below shows how trees and log slices can be mixed across the room to give a variation in height.

Rustic wedding flowers
Mixed Rustic wedding table designs at the Gants Mill Marquee in Bruton

Back at the barn we have made two sized bases. The first at around 4 foot for tables and the second at 6-7 foot for freestanding ‘Palms’ and larger ‘trees’.

Because we design these from the base up you can have whatever you want. Realistic looking ‘trees’ or fun ‘trees’ packed with colourful blooms.

Crate Stacks, Milk Churns & Garlands : Rustic wedding accessories

The Wilde Bunch use these ‘statement’ pieces a lot in our work so we’ve given them their own article. Click here for design details and loads more pictures. Although they are the perfect accompaniment for Rustic wedding designs they also work really well with many of our other wedding themes so deserve their own separate article. If you are looking at Natural/Rustic themes this is a ‘must read’.

Cratestacks and milk churn, Rustic wedding flowers
One of our most ‘pinned’ images (left) & Crate Stack & milk churn together at South Barn, Cambridge,

An overview of Rustic Wedding ideas

Though the term ‘Rustic Weddings’ appeared recently with the rise in popularity of ‘Pinterest’ the basis of rustic wedding ideas have been around for years in this country. The Wilde Bunch have been using Crate Stacks and Milk Churns for as far back as we can remember. Many of our new designs are simply adaptations of the ‘age old’ classics with the addition of more natural wood elements.

As such, it is possible to incorporate elements of ‘Rustic Design’ into most wedding themes. There are no set rules with Wilde Bunch designs and we happily use our Black Iron Candelabras alongside rustic wedding ideas. Don’t be limited by ‘Wedding Publication’  terms. There’s a whole middle ground of designs between the ‘Traditional’ and the ‘Natural/Rustic’ wedding themes. Go ‘mix and match’ to your hearts content and have fun in the planning stage.

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